Sylvia Plath Diego sanchez / Victor mercado


Mad Girls Love Song

Poem Analysis

* This is written in villanelle, a nineteen line poem. Two repeating lines.

* Tone the poem is somber

* Conflict - man vs man

* The writer is someone who is malcontent and misanthropes almost everything and everyone.

* The antagonist is the person that left her.

* Non fiction

* First person point of view

* This poem is about a girl waiting for a man that she gave herself up to who was never to come back


Sylvia Plath was born October 27, 1932 in Boston, Massachusetts. During her youth, she was a very driven and determined character, but unfortunately she her father died when she was only eight years of age. Her attitude towards the death of her father can be found in several of her poems. Sylvia went to Smith College where she worked for magazines and newspapers as a journalist. After she graduated, she moved to Cambridge, England where she was formerly introduced to poetry by Robert Lowell. From there, she went on to write several poems and even a novel. She was the first poet to posthumously win a Pulitzer Prize after she killed herself in her own home in February 11, 1963.


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