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June 6th, 2020: I'm starting off my world travels today. Today I was in the most wonderful of places, Vatican City, located near Rome. In this city, there are many architectural places relating to Catholicism, which is a denomination of Christianity. The Vatican has many widely known cathedrals among the followers of Catholicism. There are gigantic buildings with intricate detailing and large dome ceilings, to invoke certain feelings among the people inside. The city is jam packed with tourists from everywhere, flocking to see the intricately built architecture. I am planning to stay here for 4 days to learn more about the Catholic religion and this beautiful city. Next I will be travelling by plane to Jerusalem.

These are all pictures taken in Vatican City of the intricate buildings, sculptures, and The Pope.

June 11th, 2020: I have just arrived in Jerusalem from my flight. I was welcomed by my driver, who will be driving me around for the next 8 days. Today I am visiting the Western Wall. I learned that The Western Wall is one of the most sacred sites in Judaism. The Western Wall is one of the last standing sacred sites of Judaism, it is a very old wall that was the only thing not destroyed when the Romans attacked in 70 C.E.. Because it is part of the previously most holy places, it has become the most sacred site for the Jewish people. When I was there I met very many Jewish people who were also there to observe the wall. Next I will be traveling to a different part of Jerusalem to visit the sacred site of Al-Aqsa Mosque of the Islamic religion.

These are people visiting and praying at The Western Wall.

June 16th, 2020: I woke up this morning very excited, my driver and I are going to the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, the third most holy site in the Islamic religion. I have learned much about it during my stay in Jerusalem. According to a person of the Islamic religion, this is were Muhammad went to from Mecca, Saudi Arabia, in a single night. It started of as a small prayer house, but was expanded upon. Fortunately I was allowed to go inside and look at the intricate detailing and the structure itself. It has a very wide open floor with pillars on both sides, the detailing was absolutely gorgeous. On the outside it has many patterns and a large dome on the top. Next I will be traveling by car to a port in the Gulf of Aqaba, then taking a boat through the Arabian Sea, all the way to India.

These are pictures of the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. As you can see it is very detailed with a large gold dome on the top.

June 24th, 2020: I have just arrived in India but I still have to take another small plane ride from where I am now (a small port in the Gulf of Kutch), to a place called Varanasi. Varanasi sits on the river Ganges, and contains many sites for cremation, which the Hindu people then bring the ashes of their loved ones and scatter them in the Ganges in the belief that this will benefit the departed soul.

June 25th, 2020: I have arrived in Varanasi and I am planning on visiting the Assi Ghat to observe the process of cremation and where it is done. This ghat is at the meeting point of the river Ganges and the Assi River. There were many people scattering their loved ones ashed in the Ganges as I walked around the ghat. The actual building itself had a large set of stairs walking up to it and it really just looked like a regular old building. I didn't have time to go inside, but I'm assuming that it is very special to the Hindu religion. For my final stop I will be taking a train North to Lumbini, Nepal, the place where Buddha was born.

These are pictures of the river Ganges and the stairs leading up to the Assi Ghat.

June 30th, 2020: I have just arrived in Lumbini, Nepal. The train ride was super long but it was totally worth it. The scenery here is amazing. The place is so serene, it invokes a feeling of calmness. Lumbini is a pilgrimage for the Buddhist people, because it is the place where Buddha was born. I am visiting one of the many temples, the Maya Devi temple. This temple is the main temple here in Lumbini, characterized by its flat, white, outer structure and its famous sacred bathing pool known as Puskarni. This is supposedly were Maha Devi took a bath in this pool before the delivery of Buddha. I feel like this was the best place to end my travels of the world, it is so peaceful here.

These are various Buddhist temples and statues in Limbini includng the Maya Devi Temple (bottom right).


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