The Battle WIth Love To my most faithful lover Penelope


So after the battle of Troy Odysseus went to the city Ismarus for food and supplies.But after they plundered the city they had a feast while the Cicones gathered more men to fight Odysseus and his men.But Odysseus before this told his men to get back on the boat after they got all the supplies.Instead all the men ignored him and they feasted on what they had.So during this time the Cicones got enough men to fight off Odysseus and his men so they lost men while they were retreating.

Lotus Eaters

The Lotus Eaters were flowers that made the men lose all memory of what they were doing and it makes them keep eating them until they eventually die.So this made almost all the men lose their memory of home and they goals of what they were doing.


Odysseus and his men landed on a island they have never been to so Odysseus and his go out and explore the island.But what they find is a big cave with a huge entrance so they decide to enter the cave and look around.But after they enter a huge one eyed creature follows them in and start to eat them.But Odysseus has to out think the monster to get away so they let him drink wine and they start to let him sleep.After he is asleep they make a big spear and jab it into his eye so they blind him.Which he them moves the bolder out the way and they get away.

Island of Aeolia

Odysseus went to the island of Aeolia, but it was ruled by a god called Aeolus keeper of the winds.Odysseus was a guest for only a short while.Aeolus had a wife and six daughters and 6 sons.And the keeper of the Winds gave Odysseus a bag of winds to make them go home.Odysseus didn't tell his men to not open the bag so Odysseus men did and they were sent off course even more.


The Laestrygonians were a group or a tribe of cannibals that were super vicious and they killed some of Odysseus men but they had to sail away to survive and not take any more losses.


Odysseus and men go to a island called Aeaea home of the witch goddess Circe.So Circe drugs Odysseus men and turns them into pigs.So this makes Odysseus go up to her palace.But on the way up there a messenger gives him a plant to eat so he does get tricked by the spell.And when she gives him the drink to eat the spell does not work and she is frightened.So this makes her turn the pigs back to men and then they leave before anything bad happens.Odysseus did stay with Circe for only a year to recover from everything.

Teiresias and the Land of the Dead

Odysseus was sent here by Circe because he wanted to find the way home.So he had to go to Teiresias to find the way home by making a offering of a goat.So after he made the sacrifice he found his mom there which really messed with his mind.And he knew how to go home now as well.


So as they were making there way back home Circe beforehand told Odysseus about these Sirens that would sing the most beautiful songs and it would make sailors go to them and stay there until there death.So Odysseus had his men tie him up and said to his men that if I yell to be untied bring more rope and tie me up even more until we are far out of the voices of the Sirens.


Circe warned the men that Charybdis was in one path and that they don't go there so they didn't and they totally missed it but they passed by it and so went to Scylla.


Odysseus knew that all his men were going to die due to a storm and by Scylla but he told his men to lay hard on your benches and row till you die.So Scylla killed 6 of his men while they were trying to get through the passage.But after that Zeus hit the boat with a lighting rod and they all drowned except for Odysseus.


This island was home to the Sun god and its cattle and Odysseus warned his men about the cattle and that if they ate them they would all die except for Odysseus.So the men ate the cattle because their hunger was too great for the men to wait any longer.So they had killed the cattle killed and they ate as much as they could.As Odysseus said they all died except for him.So he went off back to sea for Ithaca.

Calypso and Odysseus

Calypso held Odysseus against his will for almost 7 years and she was on the island of Ogygia.But Odysseus wanted to leave but Calypso wouldn't, so Athena told Zeus to let him go and then Zeus Agreed and he sent a messenger to Calypso to let Odysseus go.So she did but she did not like how Odysseus took it so well so she asked him questions that would change his mind of leaving.But Odysseus knew what she was doing and he said you will never die but my wife will die unlike you.So he tried to leave because Odysseus wanted to return to his wife.


This is where Odysseus told his story of the Odyssey to king Alcinous at the court.When he got there he was feed like a guest even though he looked like a peasant.After Odysseus it stopped by a young girl in disguise and it was Athena and she offers him a guide to the king's house.The Phaeacians are the people that Odysseus is telling the story too.


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