Photography Joseph Phipps

23rd March 2017


ISO consists of how much light is let into the camera and determines how sensitive to light the recording or picture will be.

This is the exposure triangle:

The shutter speed consists of how fast the shutter opens which lets a certain amount of light in depending on what you want to shoot. More light would give a larger depth of field and motion blur while less light would give a better and sharper focus.

Aperture controls how much light hits the light sensor. Furthermore due to lenses moving closer or further changes the image due to the light.

Light in photography task

Photo Composition


To further my understanding in photography I decided to go and picture 10 images of patterns in nature and nearby environments

Rule of third is the best way to take pictures as it becomes the most natural to look at for the human eye.

Framing is good way to take photos as using something already in the image as a frame makes a normal photo look more interesting and draws attention to itself.

Leading lines helps to follow an image to its focus point. This works extremely well when leading into the distance.

Viewpoint helps to position the subject within the viewfinder.



Created with images by pixel2013 - "lake water focus" • Unsplash - "camera photography lens" • Wiertz Sébastien - "My new gear for Street Photography" • Casey Stinnett - "Fuji X100"

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