The future by oliver mamers

My name is Ollie and my ERP is on sustainable flying. I will cover some alternatives ways of flying. My Learning Intention is over time man has had a great impact on the survival of plants and animals throughout the world. My topic links to this because planes have effeted the land in good and bad ways and the air.
Alternative ways of flying Solar aircraft is the future but how far away will that be? A solar flight around the world was achieved in 2015. You are probably saying, “problem solved,” but that’s wrong. To power an airbus with lots of passengers and luggage with Solar would be a miracle, but is it impossible?
A solar aircraft with a very long wingspan can only get the aircraft and the pilot off the ground. It needs to be very light. An Airbus weighing 1,250,000 pounds needs a lot of power. So yes, it seems impossible that there will be a solar airbus. Common sense tells us that it is very unlikely to get an Airbus off the ground because they weigh so much.
(It is hard to find how much horsepower a airbus has so I could not find the info) That means it would take 22,000volts(v) to get 100horsepower(hp), which is not promising because of the amount of power needed to lift an airbus of the ground with passengers. A solar panel does not put out that much power. The average solar panel puts out 10(v) so 22 solar panels will get you 1(hp), which would not even start the jet engine, also solar panels are very fragile so panels would have to be fixed or replaced every 1 or 2 flights so that means that a plane ticket would cost about x5 the price if the plane company wanted to make a profit.
Solar flight is possible but not that likely for something as heavy as an airbus at this point in time.

thanks for reading!

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