Ashley Samuel Diamond leader💎

First things first 👆🏼 your probably reading this because your dying to learn more about my story 😉 trust me, I hope you find the least bit inspiration from this link because I am one hell of a dreamer & seek to help others do the same 💕

I am 24 years old from LOUISVILLE KY ⚜️ I am a full time teacher & run my busienss full time from my phone. I fancy wine 🍷 adventures traveling 🌏 the ocean 🌊 overally expensive lipstick 💄AND taco's. I mean who doesn't love taco's?

My adventure with It Works began on July 1st, 2015. I came across a post on Facebook of a childhood friend who was able to be a stay at home mom. I had worried so much about what I would do when I have summers off, winter break, etc. as a teacher. This opportunity was calling my name… but I was a tad skeptical. You see, I had been approached about 4 other MLM companies and never thought they were for me. I am no sales person. I know now that It Works was placed into my path solely by God’s hand. He works in such mysterious ways. Never did I ever believe much would come from this “side gig”.

Initially, I joined because I was unhappy. I wanted to get my own place and support myself and my job at the time wasn't making that possible. I wanted to devote time to something that could help myself and others. I WANTED MORE OUT OF THIS LIFE. I chose It Works because of their amazing mission statement and the crazy good price points of our all natural products! Flash forward and I now am running my own business because I have decided to make the most of every opportunity. Life is too short not to! After getting a glimpse of what success could be for me, I have realized now that I want to chase my dreams… I want to make them realities.

These dreams are not just short term either. I dream to become a teacher with enough income to live my life by my rules. I dream to get my Master's degree without getting loans and going in debt. I dream about returning to my second home in Charleston at least once a year. I dream about one day becoming a supportive & successful wife and mother who has time for her family. I dream to be happy with the life I live. I will fight to ensure that all of these dreams are realities of my present and future. If seeking out a better future and helping others reach their goals and feel better about themselves is wrong, then I don't wanna be right!

A little over one year in, my life has completely changed. I have found my “forever friends”, put aside extra income, traveled all over, and become a much better version of myself. In February I earned the 💎 DOUBLE GOOD 20,000 BONUS 😭 I know that all it takes to be successful with this business is hard work, consistency, and a PASSION for helping others. However, it is even more enjoyable when you can surround yourself with positive and hard working team members like I can!

I cannot express how blessed I am to have support and love from my It Works family near and far. This is just the start but He sure knew what he was doing.

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