The Soft/human Side of Working Out Loud! Hala Mansour @halamansour

It is week 6 in our WOL circle and I feel that I have to start writing and reflecting on our work in this unique WOL circle. Yes unique! Simpley because we are all women in the circle. John Stepper @johnstepper indicated that one of the reasons to make effective WOL circle is to 'make it personal' and this could be why ours is a unique circle.

I have been invited by my friend Sue Beckingham @suebecks to join a WOL circle with Helen Crump @crumphelen and Robyn Santa Maria @rjsantamaria75. For me sharing in WOL circle is a mini change management project. It is a project for change out loud and as it is important to manage the hard side of change, I do believe in the soft human side of managing change and how people can change together. The soft human side of change management in WOL focuses on motivation and inspiration to get people Learn Out Loud.

The first two weeks of the circle wasn't comfortable for me. I have to speak to my circle members and know them very well and allow them to know me. Then, I have to develop my objective and determine how to achieve it. It was very stressful and I did feel that I'm very formal in getting into chat every week.

The following two weeks, we started to recognise that we have lots of common things to build up on. We are all women from different background, culture and work experience. This has started to motivate us to be more relaxed and inspired to get ourselves in the soft side of the circle where we share stories, tears and laugh. I started to recognise the emotions and feelings that represent the soft side of working together and learning out loud.

The circle for me is a time where we all inspiring each other, thinking critically about us in our social context. It is a social networking time for sharing values and focusing on the soft side of us. I know it is different if we just focus on the hard side of changing ourselves but it is unique because we are very keen to be ourselves.

'It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed' Napoleon Hill

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