Police Officer By Dawson Frensko

Sometimes a policeman has to manage a canine unit or a SWAT team.

Canine Unit

They have to assist peopple in their city or town and help solve their problems and fighting a lot of crime. Keep everyone they can safe. The cool part is they pursue and arrest people who break laws.

They are keeping people safe from harm.

Some highschool courses you can take before going to college are Physical Education, Psychology, Criminology, Legal System, and many more.

You have to be able to communicate with others, Reason and Problem solve, Manage oneself, people, time, and things, you have to be able to work with people, and perceive and visualize.

He is talking to ohter officers.

There are 3 big physical demands to being a Police Officers. 1. They have to make quick adjustments to machine controls. 2. They have to use thier hands to control , feel objects, tools, or controls. 3. You have to speak clearly so listeners can understand.

They sometimes have to control and adjust a gun.

The working conditions are that you almost always deal with angry or violent individuals. You have to constantly work in public. You usually work in a patrol car. Always wear a uniform. Have to be exact in work or that could result in serious injury or death. They also have generally a set schedule each week mostly 40 hours week.

They deal with angry people.

If you want to be a police officer you have to have a college degree, most go for 4 years to college. If you live in a major city you can do office work in high school. Most of the big police departments have training but it takes 12 months. Also many police officers go to military training before being a officer.


The money that a police officer makes is not bad in Minnesota they make $61,000 a year. The United States average is $58,000 a year. The benefits are a paid vacation, sick leave, Health and life insurance, and last a retirement plan.

Money Money Money

The employment in Minnesota is very large it is 10,487, and in the United States it is very very large it is 680,000.

The classes you can take to help get ready are Law enforcement and police science, criminology, Criminal Justice.

I would love to do this job because I want to be in the military and then I could do this when I retire from the military.

My assesments had this in everyone that I did. I want to be in the military and I could do this later on. They say that I'm very tactile and I need to be hands on and this I would get a lot of action. I learn by repetition and to be able to diasable bombs or stuff like that you have to repeat to get it right.

I could go to either the University of Minnesota or the University of Oregon because they have a good military, air force , and army training class. You have to go for at least 2-4 years.

University of Minnesota
University of Oregon.


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