All about Dieting By Kaden vanderpool

Your diet is an important part of your every day life. An individual needs to consume grains, proteins, fruits, vegetables, and dairy. Depending on a person's weight or if they have some sort of eating disability, they will need to consume different amounts of each category. For example, if a person is diabetic, he or she needs to consume less foods with sugar in them. If it is a football player, he needs to consume a little more in each category, especially the grains and proteins. On the next slide I will show you how much calories, depending on weight, each person should consume daily.
On average, the daily calorie intake for a woman should be 2000 calories per day. Although, if she wants to lose one pound per week, she needs to only consume 1500 per day. As for an average man, he should eat about 2500 calories per day. If he is wanting to lose one pound per week, he needs to consume only 2000 calories per day. Even though these are the recommended calorie intake for the average man and woman, there are many factors that contribute to how much calories he or she should consume. Those factors are; height, weight, age, activity level, metabolic health, and many others. For example, if I was a football player and worked out twice a day, I would need to consume more than 2500 calories. Calories are a measure of energy, so making sure I have enough calories in my system, will help me get through not only my workouts, but the rest of the day as well. The video below will describe how much calories a person need on a daily basis!
Although dieting is very important, so is physical activity! How much physical activity per day/week depends on how old you are. For young children, there is not an appropriate amount of time the child should be exercising. The exercise a young child should get should be from regular fun activities around the house. Playing with toys is a great activity for young children because they are walking/running around playing. For middle aged kids (6-17), they should be getting at least one hour of physical activity per day. Incorporating both exercise and strength conditioning is important for these young adolescents. These children not only need to be running, but also building and expanding their muscles as well. Running, weight lifting, jogging, and playing sports are all great examples of things adolescence should be doing for physical activity. As for adults (18-64), they should be getting about 2 in a half hours per week! They should have a less vigorous activity than those of the young adolescents. Great exercises for adults are swimming, walking, and doing smaller weights, especially for older adults.
Here is a what a generic diet and exercise plan would look like. As you can see, the plan gives different options of foods and workouts you can do every day. For a whole day, you will see all the different food groups you are supposed to consume throughout the day. Doing this daily plan will help enhance your body internally and physically. People of all ages will feel healthier and happy, while also preventing the risk of health disorders.

Create your own plan to stay healthy!!

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