Chinook Ways BY Anthony


The Chinook mostly ate salmon, deer, birds, clams, shellfish, seaweed, berries, and roots.


They ate shellfish but focused more on clams which is a type of shellfish.


Do you know where the Chinook tribe lives? Well, for you that don't know, the Chinook live in a place which is now called Washington and Oregon.


The Chinook tribe used bow and arrows, spears, and double edge clubs.

This is a picture of a double edged club.


The native tribe used dug out canoes to get around rivers because they lived near rivers and used them to get around faster. They also walked.


The language they spoke back then was Chinook. Their language was complicated, with sounds that don't exist in English. Some years later they created their own language named Chinook Jargon which was a combination of Chinook, English, and Nootka altogether. One of the Chinook Jargon words was "klahawya" which means a friendly greeting in English.

In Chinook Jargon 'bed' is said 'bed' which I found interesting because, out of all the languages I listed combined it's still bed in English.

The first word is in English the second word is in Chinook Jargon.

- bone = 'stone'


- earth = 'il'- la- hie'


- seven = 'sin'- a - moxt'


- American = Boston

This is a Chinook Jargon Dictionary


Do you know in what Chinook lived ? The lived in plank houses mostly called "Big Houses". They were about 20 to 60 feet wide and 50 to 150 feet long, pretty long huh. They were built over a pit about 1 to 3 feet deep.They were made from cedar planks.


Men usually had little clothes or no clothes. Women on the other hand used short skirts from bark or grass. In the rain they used tule rush capes. Sometimes wore basket hats, I mean why not? Sometimes they had tattoos, hair paint, and both had long hair.

Basket hat

Arts and Craft

For arts and craft they made bear- grass baskets and woodcarvings.

bear - grass baskets


Well they didn't have much traditions but... they did story tell. Like an example would be a story they tolled " The Adventures of Coyote".

This is an adult telling the children a story.

Religion and Beliefs

A ritual they did was with salmon and it honored the salmon. A ceremony they would have was about dancing and gift giving

"Pot latch" I like to think of it like Christmas and Thanks Giving together all in one ceremony.

This is a group of Chinook dancing and celebrating Pot latch.

Roles of Children, Men, and... Women

The children went to school, played , and helped at home just like us. They liked to go hunting and fishing with their fathers. The had dolls, games, and help a lot at home. Men fished and hunted. They also went to war to protect their families. Women gathered plants, herbs, and clams. They also took care of the children and cooked.

This is a picture of a group of Chinook men fishing.
This is a picture of a Chinook women looking for plants.

My sources

- Big orrin

- Warpath2peacepipes

Thank you for listening to my presentation.

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