Colonist rally great defense against assaulting British forces at Bunker Hill. BY: Bryan Thibodeau

Two years ago, us colonists performed an act of defiance due to the large amount of pending taxes from our mother country Great Britain. A year later in 1774 the British officials passed the "Intolerable acts" leading to large amounts of rioting. This also resulted in the pre-stages of the battle that just happened yesterday June 17, 1775. The Battle for Bunker Hill consisted of British cannon fire from a ship called the "Lively" and Other British ships located in the Charles river. These were mostly out of range although one shell managed to hit and kill one colonial soldier. The majority of the fighting took place at Breed's hill not far from Bunker hill. The militiamen a small force of 1000, were led by General William Presscott, and other officers. Against a large force of 2,200 redcoats, led by General Howe and Robert Pigot. The outcome of the battle resulted in a Colonial loss but increased our Army's morale that a small poorly trained militia can stand against a well trained army.

The attacking redcoats assaulted Breed and Bunker hill in three waves. The first wave the lobster backs came in columns, to boost morale Prescott and fellow officers walked above their fortifications in sight of British troops. A survivor said that Prescott stated, " do not fire men until you see the whites of their eyes". In total more than 200 redcoats were killed and 800 more wounded. Our boys also suffered terrible losses with 100 dead and more than 300 wounded. Colonial forces went into a retreat loosing a large strategic location which will make trading goods difficult which could change the tide of the war. Also during the battle our officers gain a better understanding of our enemies strategies of warfare, which should help to improve our Continental Army.

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Created with images by Graf Spee - "Bunker Hill" • CircaSassy - "A brief history of the United States (1872)" • Bob P. B. - "Bunker Hill 5/31/14" • cherwill1974 - "Battle of Bunker Hill - New York Journal April 19, 1896"

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