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It can be hard to describe American Players Theatre (or APT as we're colloquially known). So much of what makes this place special is the unique give-and-take between art and nature that inhabits everything that's done here, from the pre-show picnics to the plays themselves. So we tried to package up a bit of that special something for you here to provide a glimpse of what APT has to offer. We hope you come and experience it for yourself this July 11 - 15 when we host the American Theatre Critic Association Conference.

For more information about APT and the ATCA Conference, contact:

Sara Young, Director of Communications | 608.588.9238 | syoung@americanplayers.org

Jess Amend, Marketing Content Manager | 608.588.9240 | jamend@americanplayers.org

The Basics

American Players Theatre is located on 110 wooded acres near the village of Spring Green, Wisconsin. From June through November, the theater produces nine plays in rotating repertory – five in the flagship Hill Theatre, our 1089-seat outdoor theater, which was completely remodeled in 2017 – and four in the intimate 201-seat indoor Touchstone Theatre.

A Midsummer Night's Dream, in the Hill Theatre in 2017.

Photo by Liz Lauren.

A View From the Bridge in the Touchstone Theatre, 2017.

Photo by Liz Lauren.

An aerial view of APT's newly remodeled 1089-seat Hill Theatre.

Picnicking on our 110-acre campus has become a pre-show tradition.

Approximately 110,000 patrons walk the paths to our theaters every year.

The Core Acting Company

Now, a forest 40 miles from the nearest city is a surprising venue for world-class theater. But these sylvan stages draw talent from around the country, both on stage and behind the scenes. Including a core group of actors at the heart of our company – artists who could work anywhere, but have decided to make APT their collective artistic home. Having worked together for years on our stage and others, they have a chemistry that’s hard to match, and they put every ounce of it into these stories.

APT's Core Company. Front row: Tim Gittings, Kelsey Brennan, Jim DeVita, Melisa Pereyra, Sarah Day and Colleen Madden. Back row: Artistic Director Brenda DeVita, James Ridge, Tracy Michelle Arnold, Brian Mani, Jonathan Smoots, Marcus Truschinski, Nate Burger and David Daniel.

Full bios for the 2018 Company, including the Core Acting Company, can be found here.

The stories they tell are something to behold. Every year sees at least two Shakespeares in our season, accompanied by more masterpieces from the likes of Shaw and Farquhar; Fugard and Ionesco. Some are well-known, and others are stories seldom told. Regardless of which category they fall into, they're all stories we are thrilled to tell.

The 2018 Season at APT

Where the Heart Is: Spring Green, Wisconsin

There’s something just a little otherworldly about APT’s hometown. In part, it’s the land - known as the Driftless Area, it's replete with rolling hills and stony bluffs, artfully divided by the Wisconsin River. We can thank the glaciers for all of this. Or rather, we can thank them for gliding strategically around our little slice of the heartland, leaving Spring Green and the surrounding area completely unique in the region.

But it’s not just the earth beneath our feet that makes this place what it is. It’s the atmosphere; the subtle thrill of being part of a perfect summer day. It’s the people; the eclectic mix of arty and earthy that runs through the folks that call this place home. Creative people like Frank Lloyd Wright, who chose to make Spring Green not just his home, but the home of his architecture school, Taliesin, located just up the road from APT.

Sure, it’s a bit off the beaten path. A tad shy of the typical mint-on-the-pillow amenities you might find in more cosmopolitan areas. But what Spring Green has to offer is something a little harder to come by, and a lot harder to recreate.

What Your Colleagues Are Saying About APT

"...its recently rebuilt amphitheater on a hill is the kind of wanderlust-inspiring highlight we love about summer theater."

- Steven McElroy, The New York Times

"American Players Theatre has spent more than 30 years honing a well-deserved reputation as one of the country's best classical theaters."

- Mike Fischer, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

"Arguably, this is the leading classical theater in the Midwest"

- Chris Jones, The Chicago Tribune

"The circular style of a repertory season still appeals to thousands of patrons each year, many of whom travel hundreds of miles to go 'up the hill' and see a play in the woods."

- Lindsay Christians, The Capital Times

"The great open secret of regional theater...America's finest classical theater festival, unrivaled for the unfailing excellence of its productions."

- Terry Teachout, The Wall Street Journal

Photo Credit: Cyrano de Bergerac, 2017. Photo by Michael Brosilow


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