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Our strategy for Spark centers around three key pillars: be inspired, create in minutes and share everywhere. We've addressed the first pillar with the launch of our Inspiration Gallery on spark.adobe.com. We've continued to build on the second pillar, both through our mobile apps and now on the web. This 'tear down' focused on the third pillar of our strategy - share everywhere. Today, we think of sharing as creating final-form content, ready to be published, but as we work towards a premium offering, this third pillar will be just as much about achieving results through sharing, as it is about publishing the content first. This Page explores the key capabilities of Epoxy and the implications for Spark as we define the strategy to help deliberate communicators 'get results' through sharing.

Introduction: Why creators need tools to help manage content across multiple platforms

Platforms like Youtube, Facebook and Instagram are designed to capture the attention of the end-consumer, ensuring they'll spend lots of time on their platform to boost advertising sales. These networks are not optimized for creators who are looking to manage and optimize a social presence. Creators frequently find these platforms are lacking key elements of UI, functionality and workflow needed to effectively manage and grow their social presence.

Creators are also building their social presence across multiple platforms. Switching back-and-forth between multiple platforms is cumbersome and time-consuming. More importantly, it results in fractured content, insights and workflow across each platform. Creators are left with an incomplete picture of their overall social presence and how content is performing across multiple platforms.

Many solutions address this problem by aggregating social management activities across platforms, including HootSuite, Buffr and Sprout Social and reducing the need for creators to work natively on each platform.

Epoxy is one such tool that helps creators publish content, respond to audience feedback and understand insights across platforms. Where Epoxy excels, however, is in putting the content creation process front-and-center in it's workflow and leveraging performance insights to inform better content decisions.

Key Capabilities of Epoxy

Re-use and re-purpose content to extend its lifecycle

Epoxy offers a typical publishing tool for scheduling content in advance, though considerably more elegant than other tools in market. However, what's especially compelling about Epoxy is its' focus on re-using and re-cycling different types of content. When a user clicks on gif from the publishing workflow, for example, they're not prompted to upload a gif from their local file system, they're prompted to choose from one of their existing videos. Epoxy offers a variety of options for creating additional pieces of sharable content from the original via clips, meme's, gif's, and video stills. Each piece of content is saved to a centralized Media Library. Creators can then tease original content before it's posted, create shorter, more sharable snippets to increase virality and extend the conversation around the content with follow-on clips after the original posting.

Create and modify content based on fans' reactions

By showcasing a feed of all the comments occurring on content, Epoxy allows creators to use fan reactions to understand which moments are resonating the most with their audience. What are fans commenting, liking or favoriting? Are fans calling out specific moments in the video that they love? Comments help creators identify these insights and take action quickly, by creating a clip of highly-talked-about moment and sharing it back out to their audience.

In this case, fans particularly enjoy a moment when someone laughs at the 2:08 marker in the video
This might be a good candidate for a shorter clip or gif to share back out to the community

Master the cadence for publishing to each platform

Highlighting the best time of day and day of the week to post content has become table-stakes among social media management tools. Nailing the Friday afternoon post once a week is important but making sure you have right cadence of content posting to each platform is critical to keep fans engaged over time. Epoxy monitors past posting activity to understand *how much* content to post on each platform. Twitter may require a higher volume of Tweets to build an audience, Facebook requires less. Here's where Epoxy's scheduling queue comes in. Rather than schedule content immediately or for a pre-determined time, creators can line up content in a queue that will adhere to the optimal cadence of publishing for that platform. This way, each platform always has a steady stream of fresh, new content being posted - keeping fans coming back again and again.

Understand which formats and hashtags perform best

Creators need to understand which format types will perform best along different metrics. On Facebook, for example, videos typically garner a large amount of Reach, since the Facebook algorithm prefers video over text or images. Images, however, might perform best in terms of engagement. Epoxy's post content analysis helps creators prioritize which format will help them achieve a particular end result.

Epoxy will also analyze which hashtags you've used, and how often. Total Media shows how many times that hashtag has been used across the entire social platform. Since this requires the creator to choose their hashtags upfront, Spark can help by actually recommending the hashtags that are most popular on a platform before the creator posts.

Auto-generate content to celebrate your fans

Since Epoxy understands the engagement around your content and the overall performance of your social profile, they can auto-generate content to celebrate important milestones and share out to the community. When a creator looks at their activity feed, they might see that Epoxy has created a post to thank the most engaged members of their community, already ready and available for them to share. When a Facebook Page has reached an important milestone in followers, Epoxy will will congratulate the creator on this achievement and create a piece of content to celebrate with the community. Epoxy makes it easy to engage in a two-way conversation with fans and nurture these relationships.

Notice the CTA both congratulates the creator on reaching this important milestone but also encourages them to Share the achievement with the community.

Engage with your most important fans first

Responding to fans' comments (Liking, responding, Re-Tweeting) builds engagement, establishing a two-way communication between the creator and their community. However, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the volume of comments that inevitably come with building a successful social presence. To help creators pinpoint the most important comments first, Epoxy offers a sliding filter to identify the most influential fans within each moderation feed. For Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram, this means filtering by fans with the largest number of followers or subscribers. On Facebook, Epoxy filters by fans with the highest number of Likes and replies, demonstrating frequent activity on your Page. Moderation filters help creators manage their time efficiently by engaging with their most important fans first.

Cost: What is it all worth?

Epoxy is available to a large swath of users for free if they are already part of a MCN (multi-channel network). This helped Epoxy build and grow their user base, but is likely not sustainable as a business model long-term. Recently introduced paid plans are start at $19/month, going all the way up to $109/month, and are based on the volume of content, collaborators and time-range of data a creator needs to manage. These price-points demonstrate that there is real value in the capabilities offered by Epoxy. Despite a plethora of free social media management tools in market today, Epoxy can offer a differentiated solution centered around smarter content creation, informed by real data and analytics, at a significantly higher cost.

Note: we don't have any information from Epoxy about how many paying customers fall into each plan.

Implications for Spark

Epoxy contains many interesting ideas for Spark, including:

  • Auto-generate sharable content based on fan engagement and milestones.
  • Focus on rapid creation of recurring use-cases so that users have a healthy backlog of content ready for each platform.
  • Bring recommendations around hashtag analysis, best time to post and top performing content back into the sharing workflow.
  • Reinforce the value of creating content across multiple formats
  • Leverage fan engagement to recommend the creation of smaller, more sharable content from long-form Videos or Pages.
  • Help the deliberate communicator save time and work more efficiently, by highlighting the insights or comments from top fans first.
  • Finally, we should acknowledge that there is real monetary value to be gained by helping our users achieve results through sharing. While there are many players that aggregate analytics and insights, the interwoven workflows between content creation and results are largely absent in the market today. Epoxy is one such platform doing this around video, but Spark can capitalize on this opportunity across formats, including social posts, web stories and animated videos.


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