Lifetime Project Karissa Cisneros 2nd period


My name is Karissa, I live in Colorado with my family at the moment. I am a miner that is moving to the west to find more gold because my family is starving. the new technology that affected my life was the invention of a train to get me and my family where we needed to go, at a faster pace.


My name is Karissa and I am a progressive at the moment. A famous person that is like me is Susan B. Anthony because we both are similar is what we want and what we are fighting for. I am hoping to be successful in changes the rights of women to be more equal. A law that had the greatest impact on me was that women got the right to vote.


I'm Karissa and i am from Puerto Rico. my homeland became part of the untied states because they won the Spanish American War. america wanted my homeland because it was used as a military base.


during the war i was a soldier. everyday i was have to stay up day after day, watch my friends get killed, and still have top keep pushing forward. it is harder than what it seems, all you could do is stay strong. New technologies were the guns and air flights that we got to use. me fighting for my country helped us end the war. i did not support the 14 points because it did not work.

1920's AMERICA

i'm Karissa, a jazz performer. someone who influenced me to strive for my dreams was Kid Ory. i bought my new saxophone after saving up my life savings because those were so expensive. no, i did not buy stock because i was broke.


my name is Karissa and i am a farmer. the stock market crashed and effected me by making me go bankrupt. me and my family did not have any money to eat or for our needs. we ended up having to sell our farm and land to the city and became homeless. this era directly affected united states history because it made america broke, increased poverty, and made thousands die. the importance of the different eras in american history was to show the significance of what has happened in those time periods.


Created with images by tpsdave - "washington blizzard winter" • oscarwcastillo - "socabon mine miner" • elycefeliz - "Olympia Brown" • Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the BPL - "War maps of Cuba, Porto Rico, and the Philippines" • Defence-Imagery - "fighter jet jet aircraft" • Unsplash - "saxophone sax player" • WikiImages - "woman children florence thompson"

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