Launching Deerfoot-Blue Ridge preparing for the first campers

What Brought Us Here?

Capacity issues at Deerfoot-Adirondack were early indications of the Lord's leading toward a second camp location... a search that ended at Trout Lake in Glenville, North Carolina.

Jesus Changes Lives

The following poem written by a camper mom reminds us about the "why" of Deerfoot's mission:

Composed by Chris MacBride in 2013.

Developing the Property

We are currently in the Launch phase at Deerfoot-Blue Ridge, which includes the facilities and programs needed to welcome the first campers the summer of 2019. This presentation provides an overview of the Deerfoot-Blue Ridge development activities, timeframes, and costs toward the camp's initial opening. The figures are based on estimates provided by the Property Development Committee and may be modified from time to time as information develops.

Overview of the Acquisition, Launch, and Completion phases at Deerfoot-Blue Ridge
Mapping the major elements of the current Launch phase
The detailed Launch phase timeline toward opening day in summer 2019 is shown in blue. The dining hall timeline is shown in green.
Artist's rendering of the two-level dining hall.

Focus on the Dining Hall

The dining hall will be the centerpiece of Deerfoot-Blue Ridge. Upon completion, this 16,000 square foot facility will house many of the camp's central functions and will serve as the springboard for pursuits on and off the property. The two-level building contains the following spaces:

Upper level (approx. 8,000 square feet)

  • Kitchen
  • Camper dining room
  • Staff dining room
  • Wide porches for relationship building
Dining Hall – Upper Level

Lower level (approx. 8,000 square feet)

  • Camp store
  • Tripping
  • Staff lounge & mailboxes
  • Offices
Dining Hall – Lower Level
Site of the future dining hall – to be built into the hillside along the southeast shoreline of Trout Lake

Two Completion Scenarios

We envision two possible scenarios for constructing the dining hall:

  • Essential completion: $3.5 million – upper level is finished for food preparation and dining, but lower level is roughed-in for later completion.
  • Full completion: $4 million – includes full build-out of the upper and lower levels.

Responding to the Challenge

The Lord has been at work...

We are very thankful that nearly half of the funds for the dining hall's essential completion scenario have been raised through donations and pledges from lead donors. With the dining hall being the focal point of Deerfoot-Blue Ridge, these individuals wanted to encourage other major donors to fund the building's construction and help lay the groundwork for the camp's opening in summer 2019.

Click on the following video to hear from Chief Ron Mackey, meet Chief Nick Dotti, and learn more about the vision for developing Deerfoot-Blue Ridge:

Deerfoot-Blue Ridge is a God-sized endeavor, and we are completely reliant on Him to continue leading and blessing this second location of Deerfoot Lodge. If you or someone you know has a heart for reaching boys and young men for Jesus through wilderness camping, would you consider being a part of this effort to raise up the dining hall? Significant opportunities exist for funding the approximate half of the essential completion scenario not met by lead donors, as well as the full completion of the structure.

To explore this subject further, we encourage you to contact Chief Ron Mackey to discuss the possibility of participating in this way:

Chief Ron Mackey

Executive Director of Deerfoot Lodge

e-mail: chiefron@deerfoot.org

cell: (518) 712-9074

Ways to participate

Deerfoot Communications Team includes: Jay Barnes, Sandy Hull, Jim Larsen, Ron Mackey, Steve Min, Erich Rupprecht, and Ted Harro.

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