St.Damiene of Molokia By: Amanda, Hannah, and Jess

Born January 3rd 1840 in rural Belgium. He was the youngest of 7. Died April 15th 1889.
He joined the Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary. His brother was suppose to go on. mission to Hawaii but became ill. Damiene asked if he could take his brothers place and was sent to Hawaii in 1844. This is where he would start his mission. On May 24th 1864 He was ordained a priest.
St.Damiene received Holy Viaticum on April 1st 1889. The next day he received Extreme Unction. June 4th 1955 he was beatified by Pope John Paul II. He was declared to be venerable January 1st 1977. The first miricale was that peopel prayed to St.Damiene and he cured a women's left thigh cancer. He also is credited for the miricale of curing a women's lung cancer in both of her lungs. The two miricales where excepted April 1st 2008. July 2nd 2008 he was recommended to Saint Hood. July 3rd 2008 he was officially decree promulgated. His canonization was announced April 15th 2009. He was canonized October 11th 2009.
St.Damiene of Molokias feast day is May 10th. This day was choosen becuase his death day April 15th 1889 is during lent. On May 10th 1873 he went to the island of Molokia which is where he would tend to the needs of the sick with leprosy.
St.Damiene is the patron saint of Leprosy. He got this honor from his work on the island of Molokia. Well on Molokia he contracted leprosy. He died from this on April 15th 1889.
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1840 - The first postage stamp is issued

1845 - Texas and Florida become states

1848 - The California Gold Rush starts

1849 - The Saftey Pin was invented

1858 - Minnesota became a state

1860 - Abraham Lincoln was nominated for president


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