The United States What happened after?

The United states originally did not want to be involved in WW2 because they thought it was more important to focus on themselves and building their economy, through the beginning of the war they practiced isolationism.
The United States Naval base, Pearl Harbor, was attacked by Japan on December 7, 1941 at 7:00 AM, bringing the US fully into WW2.
Once the US came into the war and the allied powers had one more country on their side fighting against fascism the NAZI regime began to crumble. The United States was able to get all NAZI's out of Africa.
Even after the end of WW2 the US is still considered a world power and has not gone back into isolationism sense. World War 2 brought the US out of the great depression and greatly boosted their economy.
The Japanese Empire
The Japanese were trying and failing to expand their empire, so when they had the chance to join WW2 and expand their empire they took it, expanding their empire across the whole coast of Asia and all the pacific islands they could get their hands on.
Through the war the Japanese committed many war crimes including The Rape of Nanking, the bombing of Pearl Harbor and the Batan Death March.
The war for Japan ended after the US dropped the second nuclear bomb on them. The United States Decided that the best way to save lives and the best way to quickly end the war, so two bombs were dropped, one on the city of Nagasaki and one on the city of Hiroshima. This was a very effective plan to end the war because shortly after the second bomb was dropped the Japanese surendered.
NAZI Germany
After the first world war Germany was very harshly punished in the Treaty of Versies which is why Hitler took power. His plan was to expand into the 3rd Reich taking over all of Europe, Asia, and Africa, to give the German people living space.
Hitler was able to greatly expand the German Empire, but ran out of resources to protect the land he had and continue gaining more, which he wanted to constantly do gaining him many enemies.
As Hitler began loosing more and more battles, he realized that there was no stopping the inevitable, his forces were captured, killed or unable to return and help, and the British had become unstoppable. Hitler left with his wife and killed himself and he, leaving the rest of the German people to come to a decision about what to do. Germany unconditionally surrendered and ended the war in Europe. Now all that is left of WWII is in museums.


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