Donald Trump's online presence and perception, before, during and after the election by Ryan townsend

The information provided within this presentation will outline some of the comments made by Donald Trump before, during and after the presidential election. The presentation will also outline the online perception of him and how people are reacting to the comments that he makes.

Donald Trump before the election began

Here Donald Trump was talking about the need for limiting the amount of injections given to babies at one time, moderation is key
Donald Trump ceded an enormous amount of political credibility in 2012, when he began indulging in the birther movement, claiming he'd sent investigators to Hawaii in the hopes of exposing President Obama as not having been born in the United States.
Trump's habit of getting into rude grudges with high-profile people probably doesn't bode well for the rigors of a political campaign, as evidenced by his infamously hostile attitude towards comedian Rosie O'Donnell. Trump has frequently lambasted O'Donnell since she criticised her on-air nearly a decade ago — he called her "a slob" and "disgusting," among other things, to The Insider back in 2006.
As far as the intersection of race, politics and social justice is concerned, well, it's probably not an ideal area for the man often called "The Donald" to wade into. Take, for example, his wildly offensive tweet about Baltimore in the aftermath of the death of Freddie Gray.

Donald Trump does not mince his words when it comes to talking about the current president, Mr Barack Obama. Here are some quotes showing the total disrespect he has or the current serving president

Here Donald Trump is blaming Barack Obama for Ebola reacting New York because he did not stop flights coming in from West Africa

I am now going to outline some of the public perception of Donald trump before the election

Credit: The Washington Post
Credit: The Washington Post

Donald Trump During the election

Credit: The Independant

Here are some quotes which Donald Trump said during his presidential campaign

Credit: The independant
This was probably Donald Trumps most controversial comment ever made, this comment send shock waves around the world.

Here are some reactions to Donald Trumps comments about a muslin ban

Credit: National Correspondent for Al Jazeera America
Credit: Egyptian political satirist Bassem Youssef
Credit: Assistant professor of Comparitive Politics at Illinois State University

There has been a mixed bag of views on Donald Trump in America, some think hes what they need and others strong disagree

Credit: The Atlantic
Although a lot of people view Donald Trump negatively he still has a huge following

Donald Trump after the election

Credit: Te Independant
In a quite belief content this was Donald Trumps has promised to do in his first day in office

After it was confirmed that Donald Trump won the election there was unrest amongst Americans and many people went to protest

Thousands of people have taken to the streets across western America to protest against Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton in the US presidential election

Below is a tweet that Donald Trump sent out reacting to the protests surrounding his successful appointment of becoming the next president

Credit: Metro

Below are some reactions to Donald Trumps comments surrounding the protest

Credit: Metro

Below are some of the top reactions to Donald Trump winning the election

Credit: BoredPanda
Credit; BoredPanda
Credit: BoredPanda
Credit: BoredPanda


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