The Government Can By Tim Hawkins

Pretty Pink Tractor

2010 | Comedy

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"The Government can 'cause they mix it up with lies and make it all taste good! "


  • Tim is a Christian comedian, songwriter, and singer out of Missouri.
  • The title track Pretty Pink Tractor is a parody of Jason Aldean Song Big Green Tractor.
  • The song is a parody of The Candy Man popularized by Sammy Davis Jr. in 1972. Us Kids remember it from Willy Wonka.


Luke Tatum

The YouTube video of this is mandatory viewing. (You know, insofar as I have any authority to tell you to do anything at all.) Really, though! It's pure comedic gold, with a few nods to deeper understanding of the problems. It's one thing to complain about government, which anyone can do. It's another to present a considered and accurate critique of the state as it is. For example: Tim references taxing the sun. This is a somewhat obscure historical reference by today's standards, but it actually goes back to the 1700's. In Scotland, then France, and then England, window taxes were imposed upon the people. The Scottish tax decreed that a house had to have 7 or more windows to avoid the tax. However, the French version was actually a tax on the light allowed into the home. After all, the King owned all the light, it was only by his allowance that any light entered your home at all. Ask yourself: How insane is that?

Sherry Voluntary

This parody of "The Candy Man Can" is pretty cute and well done. I think it's very fitting to make fun of the rediculousness that is government. Taxing the sun and trees may seem rediculous, but nope the governement can make any rediculous thing law and steal from you for it. Messing things up, yet being rewarded for it with a raise, that's the government for you. The rediculous is so commonplace that many "normies" would be in agreement with the ideas in it, but in the end will continue to look to government for solutions. It's a good thing we can laugh. It helps us stay sane amidst the insanity.

Nicky P

I owe spotify big time for this gem. Let's just say that the likelihood of me stumbling on a christian musician is...unlikely. Nevertheless Tim has some pretty funny stuff out there. As a recovering catholic I don't get a lot of the protestant church cultural references, my wife assures me they're on point too. That said I'm not here to talk about his church music, we're here to talk about this hilarious takedown of the US government and it's promises. The song emphasizes the way in which the government writes hilariously nonsense promises and finances them on the backs of your neighbors. The song I think is more interesting because its release in 2010 lines up real well with the rise of the tea party activists. The references are on point and it pulls no punches at pointing the finger at government for it's action and the American voter for buying the bullshit. While we're talking about them, how easy were the tea partiers to be bought off. So go out into the nigtht my kiddies and enjoy this remnant from a time when some of mainstream political discourse at least pretended to care about economics.

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Nicky P

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