Rome Romlus And Remus

700bc years ago there were two boys called Romulus and Remus. The king wanted them killed. He sent his servant to the River TIber to drown the baby boys.

There was so scarde but the she wolf safde them

She wolf

Then the sheperd found them

There looked so cute

When they shepherd found the boys, he took them home to his wife. They named the twins Romulus and Remus.

When he went to sleep thay went to sleep. They grew up to be shepherds like their dad.

One day they met some of the kings shepherds and had a fight. In the fight Remus was captured and taken to prison.

Remus was capTured by the kings guards.

Romulus rushed to the city to save remus. He killed the king and ket hum go.

An artist imoression of romulus and remus

Romulus and Remus decided they would now rule the city. Romulus wanted to build a city on Palantine Hill whike remus wanted Avatine Hill.

Aventine hill

Romulus and Remus argyed and had a fight. Romulus killed Remus and declared himself king in April 357BC.

REmus being killed by Romulus.

Rome remained powerful for mny years.

Rome today.


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