Pop Art Sculpture Emma Wissman

March 10th, 2017: Today, I came in with 6 rough SKETCHES that got checked by Ms. McCall. Although all of my original sketches were wrong, i was able to fix them and come up with 3 decent sketches during class. By the end of class, I had decided which 2 sketches will be used for my pop art sculpture.

March 20th, 2017: I now have 3 sketches that I like and have been making them into full page sketches. Today, I am going to start making my sketches into a book cover for my pop art sculpture. I will use an abstract design for both the front and back cover, and use many bright colors and patterns in the style of Romero Britto.

March 22nd, 2017: Today I am working on my book cover, and am hoping to finish drawing, outlining, and coloring it. my goal is to be finished by the end of class, but i may have a small part left to finish at that point.

march 24th: Today i am working on finishing my book cover because it is due at the end of class. I spent last class outlining mg designs and starting to color, and now i have to finish coloring.

March 28th, 2017: Today I am working on finishing my book cover completely. my goal for the day is to fonish coloring and cutting out the sections so that i am able to spend husky time this week catching up to where the rest of the class is at. So far, i really like this project and i am happy with the work that i have completed at this point.

March 30th, 2017: Last class and during the past two days of husky time, i finished coloring my book cover. I also went over my lines with black sharpie in order to make them stand out more. today i am planning on mounting my cover on the foam board and starting on my book pages. hopefully i will be mostly caught up by the end of this period.

April 4th: Now that my book covers are finished, I am starting to work on my book pages. i am going to spend the day drawing my designs on the front and back of a big sheet of white paper. For my designs, i am doing something very similar to what i did for my book covers, but instead of using squares as my main shape, i will be using circles and triangles.

April 6th, 2017: i made a lot of progress on my designs last class, and today i am planning on continuing to complete them. my goal is to completeky finish one design, so that when i come back from spring break, i will only have to finish one section. i am going to use the same patterns in my designs that i used for my book covers.

April 18th, 2017: Last class i got a lot done on my drawings. I almost completed one of the sides and i am about half way done with the other side. today i am hoping to completely finish one side and get some more done on the other side if time allows.

April 20th, 2017: last class i tried to finish my drawing, but i did not get as far with it as i would have liked. today, since i am in here for husky time, class, and lunch, i hope to finish drawing my first side and start coloring. At first i had wanted to finished drawing and outlining both sides before i started coloring, but now i think it would be better for me to finish one side entirely before moving onto my other side.

April 24th: Absent

April 26th: Absent

April 28th: Today I was finally back in class to work on my book pages. I came during husky time yesterday and took my project home to work on it last night because i'm super behind now. The project is due tomorrow but the grace perio extends through next friday. Today i would like to finish drawing and i would also like to get some coloring done at home over the weekend.

may 2nd, 2017: I am basically coming to the conclusion that i am never going to finish this project on time so i'm just going to stop stressing about it and it will get done when it gets done. i have ap exams all this week and have to study really hard for them, so i don't have a ton of time at all to work on this project outside of school. i hope to finish coloring this by next week.

may 4th: absent

may 8th: absent

may 10th: Absent

may 12th: Today the entire project is due and i have not been here for the past several classes. i need to start my cutting. for the sculpture, i will continue with my abstract design in order to keep it coherent with the patterns ofnmy book pages.

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