Medical Tourism Different stages of medical tourism.

Reasons of Medical Tourism • High – Savings • No wait-lists • High quality treatment • World class facilities • Access to latest technology • Best surgeons • Customer Care • Travel opportunities
List of well-known Medical tourism Destinations ( India) • Chennai • Hyderabad • Bangalore • Delhi • Mumbai • Goa

Cost Comparison: India is always considered and as top medical tourism hub, because of it's world class health facilities and cost of treatment, Most of the International community prefer India over other hubs like, Australia, Other Asian countries, Africa , Europe and USA. As it helps to cut cost by huge margin say anywhere between 10 to 60 %.

India Laparoscopy Surgery Site
Steps Involved in Medical Tourism. • Patient Request • Desk/Hospital Selection • Arrange Follow-up Care • Travel to Selected Hospital • Treatment • Recovery Period • Travel Back • Follow-up Care.
Why India laparoscopy surgery site? Low cost medical facilities, availability of world class surgeons, advanced medical equipment, proper healthcare team and coordinators and affordability of treatments.
Conclusion: The Medical Tourism is an outsourcing medical services primarily expensive surgery to low cost countries citizens. It offers financial value for growing burden of the costs in matured market like USA & Europe.
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