Cats =^_^=

There are many different cats in the cat family.

All the pictures you see up there are of the cat family.

The pictures right up there are of a Tiger, Lion, and a pet cat.

All the cats in the cat family have.........


All members of the cat family have claws. Claws are sharp and you don't want to be hurt by them. Some cats claws are sharp and others were cut, so they are not so sharp.

Cats are very interesting animals and good pets. But you might not want a tiger or a lion as a pet...... 

Thank you
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Created with images by Chez Eskay - "Velvet" • permanently scatterbrained - ""if you dare stick your face in my face again, i'm gonna kill you, you stupid tourist."" • harvey117 - "cat white cat lay" • fourbyfourblazer - "Odd Eyed Black Cat" • hkase - "cat" • wapiko☆ - "cat" • Alexas_Fotos - "cat red cute" • NathanF - "Cat" • _LidOK_ - "Cat" • 3342 - "amur leopard sepia" • bill85704 - "Cats" • Alexas_Fotos - "tiger predator fur" • Kdsphotos - "lion big cat big" • LoggaWiggler - "cat sweet climb" • jackmac34 - "cat legs claws" • b_lumenkraft - "#hipstamatic #catcontent" • PeterKraayvanger - "watercolour water-colors thanks cat"

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