It Gets Worse By Shane Dawson

It Gets Worse is the sequel to Shane Dawson's I HateMyselfie. It follows the same structure as the first book, but it delves deeper into the psyche of Shane Dawson.

I Hate Myselfie, the first book of the "Collection Of Essays" series.

With every sequel, there is bound to be great differences between the two; so, I will pick out some difference between the first book (I Hate Myseflie) and the sequel (It Get Worse). The first notable difference between the two are -of course- the stories. While the first book talked more about Shane's past, the sequel has a big focus on his more recent life stories. The sequel also seems to be a bit darker; not like super grim and eerie, but just a little bit more darker than the first. While the first book told stories about the first time Shane got his first kiss, It Gets Worse told stories about Shane having bulimia, and bettering himself to telling stories about Shane seeing is dead grandma. The sequel, in my opinion, is better at connecting to an audience than the first, because of those darker toned stories. A lot of the things that happen, like having to deal with loss, and mental illness, is a problem most people deal with, and I think Shane's stories about those subjects can really hit the reader hard with emotions, and possibly inspire the reader to better themselves because of it. It Gets Worse is all around a more different book with different stories and life lessons to learn than I HateMyselfie.

Some similarities between these two books are that they are -of course again- written by the same person, and they are also part of the same series. They also touch on almost the same subject matter(loss, sadness, other emotions; these are reacurring themes throughout both books/stories in the books), but like I said, the sequel is much darker than the first and delves dreeper into Shane's psyche. They also follow the same collection of stories structure, and they both have the same comedy style writing. Also, both books end with lessons about life and life advice in each story. Besides those, these books are practically nothing alike.

If you liked I Hate Myselfie, then you're definitely gonna love It Gets Worse. The sequel is almost the same as the first, but it tells more darker and possibly more relatable stories than the first. I think that It Gets Worse is a great example of how to make a great sequel to a book, and is a must read for anybody who loves Shane Dawson as a youtuber, and maybe if you like books about drama, then you might want to check this book out as well.

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