Geosprint Map Your Salesforce put on a Digital Map

Geosprint Map makes your work easier

Once your data is seen on a digital map, you will instantly understand more about it. What you can't see from the table you can see on the Map. Think about a meeting with your sales team starting by looking your pipeline on the Map and driving the discussion from it. The Map will lead the discussion towards more strategic insight about the operational environment thus bringing in new ideas that ultimately will get your deals closed faster.

See the Big Picture of your business on the Map and drill in to your Opportunities from there

What you can do with Geosprint Map?

  • Interact with your Salesforce data on Map
  • Create new Opportunities by Drawing on Map
  • Communicate and Collaborate on Map with collegues
  • Jump from Map to Salesforce for details and documents and from Salesforce to Map
  • Track and Filter Opportunity progress on Map
  • Ready external data layers included such as Demographics, Property Parcels and Detail Plans
  • Connect to ArcGIS Online and bring your own Map Layers on Map

Why Geography matters?

Customers, Assets, Projects, Leads, Opportunities and nearly everything affecting to your business and residing in your Salesforce is located somewhere on the Earth. The Earth IS your Operating Environment and the Geographical Information benefits your Strategic decision making.

This Map shows the the structure of Real Estate Market in Helsinki Metropolitan Area. You can see dominant areas of different types of building rights in Helsinki Metropolitan area. On the Map it is easy to understand where there are Purple Industrial Building Rights available compared to Light Green Residential Building Rights. Have you seen your data mixed with your market data on the Map ever?

Knowing and managing where everything is now, and where things are moving, appearing and disappearing next, is one of the most needed skills for dominating the fastly developing and transforming market whether your field of business is Finance, Real Estate, or Retail.

Geosprint Map puts your Salesforce data on a digital map

Geosprint Map creates the ability for your organization to see the Salesforce content on a map and layer that on top of the other Map Layers created from the external data sources such as Real Estate Prices, Demographic Information, Aerial Imagery, and Local Businesses and Services.

Board Game: The player on the left doesn't know where the treasures and traps are. The player on the right starts with knowing the location of every piece! Game would feel unfair, but this is exactly what can be done to your business with Geosprint Map and Salesforce!

..Then you can make notes directly on the map, visualize your sales performance by colors se see which areas are under or over performing, create heat maps, draw and mark new opportunities and leads directly to the map and so much more that will completely remove your location blindess and give you the competitive advantage you never new you could have!


Basic Plan: 4.980€ / year / organization

Price includes

  • Geosprint Map basic functionality
  • Basic Datasets available on your region
  • Initial conversion of your Opportunity data to spatial form
  • Onboarding project
  • Initial training

Geosprint Map is a product of Geosprint Oy. Copyright (c) 2019. All rights reserved.


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