What is an author?

An author is anyone who writes a piece of literature. The official description of an author is a writer of a book, article, or a report. There are many different types of authors. You could write for a newspaper, book, magazine, etc. The specific author I would like to be is an author of an educational magazine, for example National Geographic. I think traveling the world and being able to write about it would be a great career. This is a form of creative writing. Creative writers are described as anyone who writes for a magazine, website, advertising, or for a freelance job. Usually, creative writers make about $60,250 annually. Although, if I were to work at National Geographic, I would make about $44,979. The best fact about creative writing is that if I decide I would no longer want to work for National Geographic or another company, I have many more options for jobs.

What requirements do i need?

To be a creative writer, you generally need a bachelor's degree. This also requires an English degree. English degrees can lead to jobs with creativity, research, writing and communication. I would also need to study literature from around the world, from different time periods, and from different genres. If I were to get a graduate degree, that could possibly lead to jobs in academia and management within a company. If I were to have a master's degree, I could study fiction, poetry or creative non-fiction.

How do i become successful?

To become successful in this field, it depends what you want to write for. If you would want to become an author of a book, which is an option for me, you firstly need an agent. Many authors don't get an agent, causing them to lack representation. The second step is to find the right publisher. The right publisher can make a humongous difference in if your story will be successful. Although this step is not in your control, the last step is to have your book sold out in all stores. This information was provided by Nicholas Sparks. As for writing for a newspaper or magazine, to be successful you have to be well-known. Even if you start off small, you have to keep on writing until your name will be recognizable. Working for popular companies will also help you through out your journey.

How is computer science a resource in this field?

Starting off with the obvious, I would be using a computer everyday to write my work and communicate with other people in my field. I would also need the computer to find any recourses that I would need for any articles or stories. Also, in this day in age, many people don't buy a physical copy of books, magazines, or newspapers. Many people buy them online, rather on a website or with an E-Book. Also, another option with my English major is to write for an online magazine or news website.

How will computer science intersect with this field?

Another great option with my English major is that it can be branched into the computer science world. I could be an IT project manager, which is breaking down complex problems and then reconstructing it. This intersects with computer science because I could plan and coordinate technology- related activities. This includes installing and upgrading computers and building network security measures. This intersects with the English major because a major part in it is grammar skills along with computer knowledge. Another option for me is to be a Web Developer. I could fabricate and design websites and their content. One example of someone who had a degree in English and is in this field is David Feld, who is a newspaper editor and Web development business owner. "Being an English major prepared me with critical-thinking skills that I use all the time as a Web developer," says Feld. A surprising amount of college graduates have been taking a double major of computer science and creative writing. They report that creative writing helps them with presentations, speeches, and grammar. I am excited about all the opportunities that I will be able to have with my English major. Even though I love writing and English, I also enjoy computer science and programming. Knowing that these two interests can intersect brings me joy.

In my career, would computer science be considered NECESSARY?

I believe that it is necessary in the field of creative writing. Computers are the fastest way to share information, especially when it comes to posting an article or story for viewers. It is the easiest way to view people's writing. It is also the quickest way to communicate with coworkers and other people. Obviously, computers are also a huge luxury because without them, we would have to write everything by hand, which is a monotonous task. Without computers, writing in general would be hard and tiring.

in conclusion,

I believe that a career as a creative writer would be educational, interesting, and inspirational. One luxury of creative writing is majoring in English, which supplies a lot of jobs that you could fall back on, many in computer science, one of my other interests.


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