Imogen Cunningham By emmalyn POrter Blue 1

False Hellebore 1925
Martha Graham 1931
Magnolia Blossom 1925

She studied at the University of Washington where she developed the interest in photography. Her career lasted 7 decades and through out those many years she created outstanding photographs. She is best known for her outstanding photographs of flowers. During her senior year she decided to look more into photography following Edward S. Curtis methods and work

In her earlier career she went to College after high school and work as a secretary for her chemistry professor. She majored in chemistry and also studied physics, literature, German, and French.

Later in her career she worked in the Seattle portrait studio of Edward S. Curtis. At this point of her career is is learning the techniques of platinum printing.

Imogen Cunningham is famous for her sharply focused photographs of plants. And her portraits. The award's she won was Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts, US and Canada.

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