COVID-19 Update for 4/21 by: grinesa bajrami

#1 The Current Count

There are currently 2,557,994 confirmed cases of COVID-19 worldwide and 177,688 deaths. In the United States, there are 819,175 confirmed cases and 45,343 deaths. In Nevada, there are 3,728 confirmed cases and 155 deaths.

#2 In the United States

Since the amount of cases of gone over 800,000 in the United States, the senate has passed nearly a $500 billion relief bill.

#3 In Nevada

Due to COVID-19, all schools will remained closed for the rest of the academic year. Seniors will be allowed to graduate. There will be a school board meeting deciding if students will need to do all online work.

#4 In Other News

Child trafficking survivor, Alexis Martin, who appeared in Kim Kardashian West's documentary, has been freed from jail.

#5 If You're Bored

Since Disneyland is closed, online versions of rides are options. YouTube videos with the rides exist to bring the magic home.


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