Ecosystems Webquest Ms. Jacobs' 3rd grade class


Now that we've read about all the different's your turn to create your own! Using what you know about ecosystems, you will create an ecosystem and then share it with the class.


You will build and name your own ecosystem. Each ecosystem should contain at least 6 living organisms and 3 nonliving organisms. Describe how the living organisms interact with one another in your ecosystem, as well as how they interact with the nonliving organisms. Use the provided links to help you get started.


1) Read about Ecosystems here - click on the pictures to read about how the abiotic and biotic members of ecosystems interact with each other.

2) Decide whether your ecosystem will be aquatic or terrestrial.

3) Come up with 6 biotic members of your ecosystem. Remember: biotic members of an ecosystem can be both plants AND animals! First, describe the niche of each member, and then describe the way these members interact with one another.

Use Yahooligans to find plants and animals.

4) Find 3 abiotic members for your ecosystem. How do these members impact the biotic members?

5) Describe the climate in your ecosystem.

Use these links to read about different climates:

6) Give your ecosystem a fun name!

7) Make 1 slide about your ecosystem in the Class Google slide presentation.


Each person will have a chance to present their slide to the class.

Record your thoughts about this WebQuest on the class blog. What did you learn about ecosystems? What did you like about your classmates' ecosystems?


4- - Student creates an ecosystem with 6 biotic and 3 abiotic elements, and accurately describes the niche of each member. The created slide is visually appealing and the student demonstrates an understanding of ecosystems and their elements.

3- Student demonstrates an understanding of biotic and abiotic members of an ecosystem and their niches. The created slide is accurate and contains the 6 biotic and 3 abiotic members of the ecosystem.

2- Student has adequate abiotic and biotic members of the ecosystem, but does not demonstrate an understanding of their niche. The created slide contains the necessary elements.

1- Student does not understand the difference between abiotic and biotic members, and does not include their niche. Slide is missing elements.


Created with images by cwar068 - "ecosystem" • Richard Allaway - "North Gare Sand Dunes - Embryo Dunes" • prismatic_fanatic - "myscelia ethusa butterfly mexican blue wing" • shanerkidwell - "turtle ocean scuba diving" • Richard Allaway - "Desert Vegetation" • emilycat27 - "starfish ocean tidepoon"

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