Jaymie's Native American Project From A Cheyanne's POV Named Jaya!!!

Three Problems I Chose To Create A Solution To Talk and Figure Out!!

1.) Different Beliefs about Land Ownership

2.) Valuable Resources On Native Land and U.S. Government/ People Want Them

3.) Broken Promises made by the U.S. Government to Tribes

Person I Wrote This Perspective Of In " A Cheyanne Tribe Women Named Jaya!!"


Hello my name is Jaya and I am apart of the Cheyanne Tribe and I care about this horrible Broken Promises that the White Men Promised us and It just ruffles my feathers. Because they promised us all these amazing things and then threw it all away like a dead deer and my oh my that is sooo unfair. Plus this affects me and my tribe by having us not being able to have our promised land to us, and our resources are being taken and this affects me and my familys children because if they don't return those promises of land and animals and water, then we will all starve and suffer. And this affects me because I don't want to die I just want to get along with the white man and be able to live free like everyone else in this wonderful country land!! This affects me so much because no animals equals no clothes, skin, or food for our tribe, I mean do you really want us to starve to death or do you want to help us and let us stay here and live in Peace, because honestly you guys are acting like Savages!!! That is why we are having a conflict with the White man!!!

Different Beliefs About Land Ownership

So to start out about what's wrong with the problem of Different Beliefs on Land ownership, I first want to say that my Tribe The Cheyanne and our other tribes came to this land to live on it and expand our tribes further to our extend and to be honest this is our land because we were here first, not you! So our belief is if you were born in these tribes on these lands then they belong to you and your people, and seeing as you white men don't think that's right is wrong and savage because we have as much right as you do to live on this wonderful land and planet we call earth! Your belief is that we took the land from you without permission, but really in reality we had it first because we were here first because we were born on this land, so therefore we own it and have a right to live on it, so you white men for telling us that and making us move out of our home is wrong and very mean, because you don't understand how important this is to us and honestly we need to come to a decision to fix this solution so this is what I have for you, I think to solve this problem we need to share the land together and come to a reasonable solution to where you can have half the land and we can have the other half as long as you provide us with a permanent place to live, and be able to hunt, fish, and make clothing for our families. That is one solution for you that I have that can solve our issues on Land Ownership. Another solution so that we all get along is to dissolve this ridiculous Dawes Act because We are a people and we don't deserve to be bought and sold off our own land and doing this to us to permantly dissolve us is seriously wrong and Harming our people, I ask you as a person and a loyal Cheyanne Indian Why do you want to dissolve us what did we ever to do you??!!

Valuable Resources On Native Land and U.S. Government/ People Want Them

May I ask you a Question? Why do you white men want to take our land is it because we have food, clothing, and weapons. Why do you feel like you want to dissolve us and take all of our valuable resources and then spit on us and call us and tell us that we are not even American, um ok really??!! WE were born here first not you and we have lived on this land and world longer than you and we were the First Americans Born and raised here!!! Anyways we understand that you would like to have more food, clothing, and weapons to help and protect your families or tribes and honestly we would be perfectly ok with you having some of our valuable resources, only if you give us something we can use as a trade, see if you white men would like to take our resources then you will have to pay or give us something in return for our as you white man call it "Valuable Resources" ok That is one way That I think we can solve our problem with you guys wanting us to give up our resources. Also I think if we make a Trade Pact we can get along better and form some kind of treaty to where if you guys give us something we will give you our weapons, food, and clothing some of them in return for something else of value for us, This is the idea I think we should make happen because this way we can stay on our land and we can get along and live together peacefully. Also I heard that one of the reasons you want our resources and land is to go look and take our lands Gold, and Honestly that is our gold and if you want it too bad because what if we want it to help us make new resources for our tribes or even get Money I think that’s what its called and with that we can buy back our land. But anyways listen if you White men want our resources please consider what I considered A Trade Pact for Trading things to us back and forth, That is a way we can Solve this whole entire Resources Thing!!!

Broken Promises Made By The U.S. Government To Tribes

And also I remember I while back when we met you white men that your government had promised us our land and everything in it to us, and you know what all that was..... A BIG FAT LIE!!!! You guys lied to us about keeping our land, and our resources, you also made us move from land to land several times and do you know how rude and savage that is I mean you promised us, and then you just go and spit on us like we are a bunch of useless dead fish which we are not, and This was one of the biggest mistakes you ever made, and even after all the moving from land to land , You had the worst person in your country come and attack us and he made us have to fight for the Land Of Crazy Horse and Little Big Horn, and after this horrible fight we won but lost many of our brave Indians tribal warriors to this horrible man known as General Custer, and boy did that make us mad because after this we had another attack where you rotten whites decided to put a surprise attack on us and kill almost all of our tribe, how savage do you have to be, Anyways One way we can fix this issue is to first give us back our land and then you can revive those broken promises to us and make us get along better and just let us have our land and leave us alone. Thank you!!

My Conclusion

As a conclusion for This paper I think these solutions could have helped these problems that these poor Indians went through and Honestly I feel super bad. Anyways I think that If these problems would have been solved by my solutions things would have been way better and smoother. Thank you and Have a Great Day/ Weekend. Sincerely Jaymie Jackson.


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