Elements of Art By Renz Santiago

Line could be a sign, a line could define. Lines could change the point of view, lines could be anywhere even on your shoes, lines could make a shape just as long there is two.
Shapes could be a form, just like a door. Shapes could change form, by applying force. A shape can be dimensional also, so that it can be perceptual.
Value could be light, value could be dark. Value requires a shadow although, it needs a glow
Space is an illusion, that it could cause confusion and also, it could be viewed in a second or third dimension. That is its intention. Space includes a positive and negative. That it make your mind segragative.
Texture is what you feel, that is its deal and it could be real. Texture is quality. Quality is what you feel constantly.
Color could be anywhere, color could be everywhere like in your underwear or even that t-shirt that you wear. Color is created by light. Colors could be combined to be dark or bright.
Form could be any object, it could long or short, wide or skinny. Form could take up space like a million pennies.

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