Apartheid what was it?

Apartheid- a policy or system of segregation or discrimination based of race . This was in use in the 20th century, from 1948 to 1994 in South Africa. We can relate to this because back in time we had slavery where whites discriminated against blacks and whites treated blacks bad and whites controlled what they did and what they can do with very little freedoms.

Living under Apartheid is very brutal during 1948 to 1994 a lot of blacks would get harassed by the police during that time. An article written about these events was by Michael Pearson and Tom Cohen, from CNN. In this article it talks about how ruthless and dangerous the cops where."Ellen Moshweu was just trying to go to church. A police officer shot her in the back on that November day in 1990." "Thaabo Moorsi, "severely tortured and detained." Soyisile Douse, "shot dead by policemen." These were some cases that was reported in the article about how brutal the police were and how it was to live there.

It is important to know what apartheid is because a lot of people don't know what happen in South Africa form 1948 to 1994 where the all white government did there best to keep in power over blacks and all the outrages laws they passed to stay in power.

In today's society we have apartheid in the middle east where workers are forced to work and build buildings .They are paid very little and are forced to work in terrible conditions "The migrant workers are not only at greater risk of exploration, but are often housed in filthy conditions, with little down time."ho are largely from South East Asia, are paid well below the prices charged in the city’s expensive boutiques and glamorous hotels. "Staff writers news.com.au"


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