Notes from the president June 10, 2018

Hello Falcon Families!

I hope that everyone's weekend was fantastic! It seemed that our Early College students enjoyed prom!

Important District Information

Reminder - Summer Intervention Starts This Week!

Please remember that our summer intervention and intersession begins this week. Flex Block to be intervention specific beginning Monday, June 11th.

  • College Preparatory students will be dismissed daily at 3:30pm and our faculty will be holding core academic interventions. Teachers will communicate recommendations to both students and parents weekly.
  • This will provide students consistent core academic intervention, and an additional time to enjoy during our summer months.
  • Parents that would prefer their student to stay for the intervention hour, or are unable to arrange for transportation at 3:30pm, please know that all of our faculty and staff will be present. There will be space and faculty support for students wanting/needing to stay until 4:30pm.

Summer Intersession Fridays Start June 15th!

  • College Prep students will have the opportunity to participate in core intervention from 9:00am - 12:20pm. Students will be dismissed at 12:20pm and the office will be closed at 12:30pm. We will be running half days on Fridays starting June 15th.
  • Early College will have Friday's off from school beginning Friday, June 15th.

New items to be aware of

Standards-Based Reporting - Fall 2018!

As we make our transition over the next few months to standards-based reports, we will be sharing information regarding our Competencies and broader curriculum design. Our standards-based reports will directly reflect students' performance with Essential Academic Practices (EAPs) and Essential Course/Content Competencies (ECCs) rather than just the limited traditional representation of a letter grade and course. Our standards-based reports will provide students and parents a detailed view of learning and skill progression.

We are also working on a Mastery Transcript sample to reflect how our students are progressing annually with their General Education Outcomes (GEOs) and General Education Mindsets (GEMs). We hope to have a version to share with families for review in July. Please use the button to read further about standards-based reporting.

Last week we shared our Four Core Pillars. This week we would like to share our curriculum design framework. JPEC's Four Core Pillars: 1.) Academic Growth Mindset; 2.) Effective Communication and Collaboration; 3.) Positive Self-Agency; and 4.) Modern Global Citizenship are designed to be focused on throughout a student's experience. These Core Pillars also inform our curricular scope and progression.

We must ask how students will demonstrate growth and success with these Four Core Pillars. Students must be able to demonstrate successful OUTCOMES, HABITS, and SKILLS that are in alignment with their experiences with these Four Core Pillars.

Our General Education Outcomes (GEO's) and General Education Mindsets (GEM's) are designed in for this purpose. These are larger outcome based expectations focused on transition students from College Prep into Early College, and from Early College into College and/or Career focused experiences.

We must then further drill into how our students will achieve these GEO's and GEM's. We must ask in what ways students will be able to succeed with the outcomes and mindsets. Our Essential Academic Practices (EAPs) then allow students the opportunity to develop proficiency with core practices applied across academic areas. In order for students to succeed with our GEOs and GEMs, they must be able to transfer specific practices between the different experiences they will have.

Within these EAPs then students must develop the Essential Course Competencies (ECCs) or skills necessary to become proficient with these practices. Our ECCs allow our teachers to hyper focus their instruction on specific course competencies aligned to Essential Academic Practices (EAPs) and core content knowledge necessary for college and career preparation.

Next week we will take a closer look at our General Education Outcomes (GEOs) and our General Education Mindsets (GEMs), and provide a sense of what JPEC's larger vision of student success looks like. Sharing this will allow us to take a closer look at where we are headed as a community with our annual mastery report and with our standards-based reports.

Flexible Modular Scheduling - Flex Mod

We will continue to share information regarding our planning and implementation of this new design each week. Understanding the different types of "time modules" is important in understanding the overall structure.

  • 30 minutes Mod - Resource time and/or small group direct instruction
  • 60 minutes Mod - Normal standard class with direct instruction and independent practice
  • 90/120 minutes Mod - Lab based, large group, integrated studies, team teaching, interactive lecture

Our next step with this initiative is to begin discussing what mods of time each of our department's desires in relation to the needs of students within the specific discipline. Additionally, we will be talking about how best to scaffold our College Prep students' experiences to prepare them for this level of responsibility and self-reflection.


Sports Physicals are due for fall sports by August 8th. Student athletes must have a physical turned in to the athletic director in order to try-out or practice for fall sports. All sports physicals must be dated on or after April 15th, 2018. Any sports physicals dated before April 15th, 2018 are not valid for next year.

Summer workouts have already started for all Early College fall sports. If you are interested in participating in fall sports please reach out to the following coaches for more information:

  • Heather Hillman- Girls Volleyball- heather.hillman@jacksonpec.org
  • Mike Zavala- Boys Soccer- michael.zavala45@yahoo.com
  • Andrea Ortell- Girls Cross Country- andrea.ortell@jacksonpec.org
  • Serafin Llerena- Boys Cross Country- serafin.llerena@jacksonpec.org

Jackson Preparatory and Early College is in desperate need of athletic coaches. If we can't fill these positions we might have no choice but to cancel these teams this year. If you know anyone that might be interested, please have them reach out to Mr. Llerena by email or cell (517-888-4137). The following positions are available:

  • - College Prep Soccer Coach
  • - College Prep Volleyball Coach
  • - Early College JV Volleyball Coach
  • - Early College Varsity Sideline Cheer

College Preparatory Student of the week

College Preparatory

"It is my pleasure to announce Lauryn Comstock as the CP Student of the Week! Lauryn brings such warmth and joy to the classroom every day. Lauryn loves to volunteer to help, and she shows kindness to her classmates. One of the qualities that I admire most about Lauryn is her perseverance in class. We have been studying some really difficult concepts, and at times, she has struggled; however, she did not give up. Lauryn keeps trying and asks for help when needed. At JPEC, we believe in keeping a growth mindset, and Lauryn demonstrates to me all the time that she has embraced the concept of growth mindset. Lauryn truly embodies the qualities that we expect of our Falcons, and I am proud to bestow this honor on her. Continue to soar high, Lauryn!" - Miss Donna Lloyd.

Announcements & Reminders

3:30pm Release Time and Intervention Opportunity Beginning Tomorrow, Monday, June 11!
  • Students will be dismissed at 3:30pm, and our faculty will be holding core academic interventions from 3:35-4:25pm for those students who need/want additional support.
  • Each week, teachers will communicate both to students and parents if they are recommended to attend intervention.
  • This will provide students consistent core academic intervention, and additional time to enjoy during our summer months.
  • Even if students are not recommended for intervention, if parents would prefer their students stay for the intervention, or are unable to arrange transportation at 3:30pm, there will be a study hall space available that is overseen by faculty and staff until 4:25pm.

Intervention Fridays Begin This Friday, June 15

  • Starting June 15, College Prep will be holding half-day Intervention every Friday from 9am-12:20pm for the remainder of the term.
  • During this time, students will be able to work with their teachers to improve their academic skills and content knowledge.
  • Each week, teachers will communicate both to students and parents if they are recommended to attend Intervention Fridays.
  • Even if students are not recommended for intervention, if they would like to attend to work on assignments they are welcome to do so.
  • We saw tremendous growth and success from our students who attended Intervention Friday‚Äôs when they were recommended to do so, and we hope to see the same trend continue this year!

Upcoming events

Field Day on Thursday, June 14th

College Prep 1st year STEM Camp

Please make sure to take a moment and sign your student up if you have not! We will be following up with families this week to ensure that all of our students have this opportunity!

  • We are providing our first year College Prep students (6th grade) with a free STEM camp through a partnership with JAMA and Shop Rats: I Can Make It Camp
  • The camp is the 2nd week of July 9-13, and we are expecting all of our 6th grade students to attend this great opportunity!
  • If you have not registered your student, please do so as soon as possible!
  • If you need support in registering your student please let our office know!

early college Student of the week

Early College

"Jordyn Dupius epitomizes what success looks like at JPEC! She is one of our youngest students to ever receive an Associate's Degree, and while fully dual enrolled, she has continued to keep her connection to the school through athletics and student government. Jordyn took a leading role in organizing the prom, and much of its success can be laid at her doorstep. I am honored to be able to name her my student of the week." - Mr. Marowelli

PROM 2018!

Saturday night, 90 students and guests took part in JPEC's 2018 prom, at Cascade's Manor House. After a lovely dinner, guests took to the dance floor and Andrea Benn and James Webb were named prom queen and king, respectively!

Reminder - Early College Summer Fridays

Based on the success of flex block throughout the year and the continued academic success of Early College students in their JPEC and college coursework, the Early College will not be running classes on Fridays, starting this week. There will be no classes on Friday, June 15th.

Flex block will continue as normal, providing students with the opportunity for an extra 2.5 hours of reteaching and relearning time with their instructors, each week on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. If you have concerns about your student's performance in a course, please be sure to reach out to his or her teachers and inquire about your student's flex block attendance.

Looking Ahead

June 15th

Summer Intersession Fridays Begin

July 2nd - 6th

Fourth of July Summer Break | No School District Wide

July 13th

Parent/Teacher Conferences by Invitation
  • Session 1 | 7:30am-9:30am
  • Session 2 | 11:30am-1:30pm
End of Year Falcon Family Event | Bowling at Airport Lanes
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