Bombing of the US Embassy Aug.7.1988 kenya & TanZaniA

The ruins of the embassy

Event summary:

On August 7, 1998 in Kenya and Tanzania two U.S. Embassies were bombed simultaneously. The groups that were a part of this bombing mission were the two terrorist grouts known as Al Qaeda and an Egyptian Islamic Jihad group.

The symbol of Al Qaeda
Islamic Jihap

Background of this event:

The attacks are believed to have been started because of the U.S.’s involvement of the extradition and alleged torture of four members of EIJ.

Concluding this event, in NYC, the world trade center was bombed in 1993, they were all the anti-American terrorism activities.

Details of this event:

20+ men from both Al Qaeda and an Egyptian Islamic Jihad group went out and bought a lot of trucks, cars, and bomb materials. Then they bought a house near the embassies to use as their HQ.

August 7, 1998. Bombs ,Almost, blow up at the same time in both Tanzania and Kenya. It killed 224 people in total and injured around 5,000 people.

What future event(s) were influenced by this event?

911 was a pretty big event that was influenced by this one. It was also the same group that did the bombing on the embassies.

How has this topic been represented in pop culture, if at all?

It wasn't really put into pop culture. When this happened it was shown on the news then life went on as usual

Short Term Effect:

1. The great lost on people and buildings. The U.S. Lost two Embassies close to the Middle East that were doing well.

2. Al Qaeda felt they had won a fight which inspired them to become more aggressive and offensive.

Long Term Effect:

1. People blame the U.S. for the destruction around their towns which created an anti-American atmosphere in the local area . Many said that if the U.S. Embassies weren't there, then there wouldn't have been a bombing.

2. In order to prevent this events ever happen again, US government put more attention to the protection of their embassies.

The End

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