Step inside and take a whistle-stop tour of a small selection of my best-loved projects I've completed over the years. I hope they show my breadth of my experience in helping my client's employees to:

  • think differently,
  • gain affirmation that they are valued and appreciated, and
  • be motivated to be the best they can be.

These projects have all challenged, inspired, infuriated and grown me – as all good projects should. Enjoy!


Global Life Sciences Organisation

Our client needed to express their unique reward proposition so that it felt real and meaningful to all employees, at whatever stage they were in their career, and wherever in the world they called home.

A large cohort of employees in this world-class organisation were very analytical, and relied on hard facts and data. But the story we wanted to tell them went beyond the facts. It came down to a feeling. This was our challenge...


Every day, we seek the truth to guide our decisions and actions. Because the truth defines our reality.

But sometimes, the truth alone doesn't reveal what is really meaningful – the things that send tingles down our spine, that open our eyes, that make our hearts sing. It's these things that really count...

For example, we treat Gaucher disease, an ultra-rare disease with fewer than 10,000 patients globally. That’s true.

But what’s missing from this truth is the sheer delight and relief a mother feels when she discovers our treatment – and a reason to believe that her child could grow to live their dream.

Truths lead us to our beliefs. And beliefs are what count. You are part of this organisation. That’s true. And we believe we offer you so much more than a job.

We offer a promise that provides you both security and freedom to live your life, your way.

We offer a higher purpose that compels and rewards you for being the best you can be.

We offer a global career with varied, exciting opportunities that enables you to grow and thrive.


I created a framework that distilled the reward proposition into three broad themes that felt authentic to employees of the organisation, but could also flex with the culture and common practice in a particular region. For example, bonus pay may be considered as 'Your Vitals' in some regions/roles, but in others, it would fall under a reward associated with fulfilling 'Your Potential'.

The accompanying style and identity of the communications was energetic, optimistic, inclusive and reflected their external brand.

In a comprehensive style guide, I brought the identity to life by overhauling existing communication platforms from different regions.

Existing US portal before it was revisualised
Existing Chinese portal before it was revisualised

This project is one of my favourites because it allowed me to challenge the traditional approach to a reward framework, and to translate this into a very visual, emotive identity that speaks employee's language. Where technical meets creative is where I think I can add the most value.

Reward communication: Share Plan engagement campaign


SAP had revised their voluntary SharePlan scheme, Own SAP. Because the changes had resulted in a less attractive offer to employees, SAP needed to reposition this benefit.

Instead of focussing on the features of the new scheme, as the client had suggested, I recommended a different approach – if we could address the 'heart' of why employees would participate in a share scheme, we could not only promote Own SAP, but also remind members of what they love about SAP, and why they feel it's a successful and relevant company. We could talk about Own SAP in the context of the employee deal.

We also seized the opportunity to incorporate SAP's 'How we run' principles (values). Add a splash or personality to the campaign, and you get a natural, interesting and authentic employee story that really drives motivation and pride in SAP.

'How we run' principle: 'Keeping promises'
'How we run' principles: 'Curiosity' and 'Strength in diversity'
'How we run' principle: 'Teamwork'



LifeSight is a best-in-class master trust that showcases the very best that WTW has to offer across retirement expertise, investments and communications. LifeSight encourages members to have better sight of their retirement through simple and engaging communications, and a variety of online tools.

Your future just got brighter.

I developed an energetic and refreshing brand (around an existing logo) that speaks the member's language, celebrates members' differences and encourages active decisions.

LifeSight offers a number of online tools to members to help with retirement saving decisions. I designed the front end of the LifeSight ageOmeter, and provided guidance to developers to enhance the visual appeal and, on occasion, the user experience of the other LifeSight tools.

The ageOmeter is fully responsive, meaning members can engage with their pension whenever and however they want.

Colour theory was developed to subtly signpost topics to help members instantly identify themes and the urgency of messages.

A suite of simple, responsive and targeted emails were developed to prompt action from members at the right times on their journey.

LifeSight is predominantly an online experience. I was responsible for creating a simple and friendly interface for the online LifeSight account that helps members learn more and make choices easily and effectively.

I also helped develop the LifeSight Drawdown product that offers pensioners an easy and flexible way to access their retirement savings. It offers the same engaging experience and friendly communications as LifeSight saving.

Everyone is different, and will have different expectations about retirement. As part of the suite of engaging communications available to members, we've also put together a video that showcases different people's preferences, choices and needs, illustrating the fact that only by making your own choices, will you be able to design a future that's right for you.

Password: L1f35iGht

Employee Engagement


Pearson is a learning company. In all that they do, their aim is to expand horizons though knowledge. It's widely recognised that people have different learning styles, that can impact how readily they engage with different media. Some people like to 'do', while others like to watch, for example.

Pearson works hard to attract the best talent to achieve their mission. So, it is critical that, when new hires first start at Pearson, they are welcomed in a way that captures the spirit of the organisation. I helped to develop an onboarding experience that allowed new joiners not only to learn more about Pearson, but also learn about themselves and their own learning style. Then, in a lighthearted but relevant way, the technology uses employees' established learning style to guide them through a series of learning modules in the most engaging way, so that they have an inspired start to their career at Pearson.

I created the visuals below to illustrate our initial vision for the final product. However, the project spanned 2 years, and as Pearson went through a number of changes during this time, the project evolved too. The final project won Silver in the 2016 Learning Awards: Best Onboarding Experience, and can be viewed using the link and passwords listed below.

'Choose your own adventure' to establish employees' learning styles...

One of 18 profiles that celebrates the employee's personality and the unique skills they bring. Based on their learning style, we suggest an order, and push content that is most likely to capture the new employee's imagination.

Learning modules that are fun and interactive, and embraces how employees want to explore...

Pearson Purpose
Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives

Username: landscape Password: Fast3086

Member journey: Complex retirement decisions

Global engineering firm

This 'case-study' prezi examines how two members, Jack and Sarah, who have different benefits and priorities, make complex retirement decisions by using an array of tools and resources, at the appropriate time for them.

Strategy Communication: People Strategy infographic

Global construction firm

The HR Director of an international construction and property management firm needed a one page infographic to present his people strategy to his seniors at the annual board meeting. In addition to creating this effective story on a page, I also supported him by testing his thinking and ensuring the flow from business strategy > people strategy > people requirements > people proposition > business results was seamless and cohesive.

3-year People Strategy... all on a single page.

Growing careers: Showing the big picture


Career paths
Team showcase
Competencies and skills definition for every level

Ovo, a fast-growing energy company, wanted not only to showcase the 'Ovo Way' to employees, but also to create better understanding of the many teams within the company. By considering different career paths and the opportunities that may exist in other departments, at different levels, employees are inspired to shape their own careers by growing their skills and experiences. Not only did this contribute to an engaged workforce at Ovo, but it also helped to retain critical talent.

I was responsible for the ideation behind this project – visualising it and defining the approach, as well as selling the idea to the client. I was also responsible for the creative copywriting and project management. I sourced graphic design help to do the bulk of the graphic design, to be able to deliver this project within a tight budget.

Career Framework: High level communications


Badoo is a fast-growing social media firm with a fun and evolving product. Their Rewards Director wanted to put some structure around roles within Badoo, to facilitate attracting and promoting critical talent, and asked the WTW rewards team for support. While their work was sound and market relevant, it was presented in a fairly formal way: great for the Rewards Director, who is an expert in her field, but gobbledegook to the average Joe.

Since Badoo thrives in its informal environment and flat structure, the communications needed to follow suit. The Rewards Team introduced me to the project, and tasked me with reframing their work in a style that was more Badoo. The result is an interactive pdf as shown below.

Career levels, with attitude

I believe the value of my work, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. So, I would value any opinions and perspectives you may have – positive or negative. Give me a shout at michelle.dellow@me.com, or find me on LinkedIn...

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