Alfred Stieglitz by Roise coyle

Stieglitz was born in New Jersey, 1864. He was a photographer and modern art promoter, he is best known for the many art galleries he ran in New York city. He introduced many other artists and photographers. He has played a massive role in the promotion and the popularity of photography as an art form.

he was the editor of Camera notes and the journal of the camera club, which was an association of amateur photography enthusiasts. He was determined to prove that photography was a medium as capable of artistic expression as painting or sculpture. He has won many awards for photography. He has mounted more than 2,500 photographs.

he started to work professionally, painter okeeffe,who later became his wife. she would stand infront of her work incorparating her body in to the compositions, and he would photographer her. they collabroated many times over 20 years and resulted in over 300 photographs.

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