30 ways to see phobias

Happiness, sadness, and confusion are easier to know than many others. However there's one that which is simple but there's no exact way of explaining it from person to person and that is fear. Fear can variate from person to person, some are very serious enough that they have to make laws against them. For example sexual abuse or being robbed. If we are looking above the obvious things, they are simple fears that just give you a mini panic attack, but not provoke any personal damage like misplacing your phone or spiders. The encounter of this obscure dark dreams that only exist in your worst nightmares, which come to life to hunt you. Actually waking up from what many call a nightmare, can make the meanest and scariest person and bring you back to being a little kid again. Many have to feel and deal with this fear every day, while some for just a second but we all have our on demons to overcome.

Phobia to tecnology, which I'm sure many of our grandparents have
Phobia of faling in love or loving someone. "At some point you have to have your heart broken"
Phobia of Failing. Like many
Phobia of ghost
Phobia of mosters
Phobia of Clowns
Phobia of been robeed
Phobia of water. How do they chawer?
Phobia of an alien abduction. yeah?
Phobia of hights. I dont get it, normaly you are afreid to look down not up
Phobia of dead
Phobia of the dark.
Phobia of bombs
Claustrophobia or phobia to be in smale places
Phobia of flying. I'm sorry if you have a business trip
Phobia to nidels
Phobia of the unknown. Thats why we have problems
Phobia that somewhere a duck is whaching you. Is true! is call Anatidaephobia
Phobia to animals. Some are not animal lovers, like Cruella Deville
Phobia to public speaking
Phobia of ligning
Phobia of sexual abuse or asalt. I'm sure everyine has that phobia
Phobia of blood
Phobia to unknown places
Phobia of sickness, getting sick or seen someone sick
Phobia of loneliness. Forever alone
Phobia of contact
Phobia of natural disasters. thank you mister obvious
Phobia to germes

and the moust scarriest, normal, and intimidating of all

Phobia to spiders.

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