Roman Exhibit by ted

One big roman achievement in science was Ptolemy mapping of the stars and planets. It was used by Romans and other civilizations as their way of looking at the universe until the theory that the earth was at the center of the universe was disproved. It was important because at the time it was the accepted theory about earths position in the universe till the theory that the sun was in the middle was made. This is important because it shows us what the ancients thought of the universe and how it works.
Aqueducts were essentially above ground water pipes used to brings water in to Rome The Romans used it to take water across long distances for use of people in the city. It was very important to Rome because it made water easily accessible for people from all walks of life in Rome so it kept people happy and made things easy for the government. This invention is important today because it was essentially the first perfected water moving system and essentially sparked other inventions like the water moving systems we have today. Although the invention was not directly copied from other civilizations people like the Persians an Egyptians made similar things centuries before the Romans did.
Roman gods and goddesses made up the religion of Rome before Christianity took over. Religion was used by the Romans as something to strengthen the government as roman emperors were considered gods. Also the gods and goddess were used as something to believe in to strengthen the population. It was important to Rome because it gave them a universal religion for the population to rally around. The roman religion is important to day because it is one of the first things you think about when someone says Rome. Its almost become the logo of Rome. The whole roman religion was copied from the Greeks all the Romans did was change the names for instance, Zeus became Jupiter. Really all the Romans did was take the Greek names and change them to planet names outside of of the the roman and The Greek religion is pretty much the same.
The forums were marketplaces for common people in Rome to buy stuff but more importantly see the laws called the 12 tables. The forums and 12 tables were important because it showed the common roman people the laws so they could know what was legal and what they could and could not do. The forum was used by common people in Rome to see the laws. The forums are important today because it shows us that the roman government had a easy way to show citizens the laws and that they did not hide that laws from the people.


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