My pregnancy Georgia guernier

Weeks 1-12

Good morning diary🌷. I haven't been feeling 100% lately but I don't want to tell anyone as I think I'm pregnant. Me and my husband have been together for 3 years and we are only 23. We don't really talk about kids that often because we are not at that point of our lives that we want to start a family together . I decided to take Panadol and have a big/healthy breakfast 🍓🍍to flush out my system and make me feel a bit better this morning. I think I might take a pregnancy test just to be sure that I'm not pregnant. Much to my surprise I'm PREGNANT. How am I ever going to tell my husband about this?... I am soooo scared and nervous to tell him but I have a good feeling about this. I feel really shocked and grateful at the same time because this wasn't really the plan for right now as we are going on a holiday with my husbands family and mine to Fiji for 3 weeks. If I'm 6 weeks pregnant now I'm going to be 15 weeks pregnant when we go on holidays and they are going to think I'm putting on weight or getting a bit chub🍩 hahahah. At the moment this little creature inside of me is the size of a sesame seed and that little heart is starting to beat which is also known as the circulatory system. The babies human features are starting to form the like eyes, nose,fingers,mouth and earlobes and also the skin is translucent So u can see its brain and spine. I'm at week 10 now and my baby is essentially a miniture version of how it will be at birth, the babies oragans have now been formed and are being primed to support indepentant life. It has only felt like I've been pregnant for a few days but I'm already 12 weeks pregnant. The symtems I have been experiencing in these past few weeks are tiredness, morning sickness, cravings for ice cream 🍦and chocolate brownies🍫. My husband (Luke) is coming home today from his military trip in Vietnam and I wanted to give him a little surprise. I'm waiting for him to get off the plane at the gate, I see that sexy thing running out of the terminal with a bunch of flowers 💐and I start crying and I ran to him to. He picked me up and swung me around "I missed u so much" I told him there is one more surprise, he looked down and saw my baby bump and started crying with joy and screamed out " WHERE HAVING A BABY🍼". A few day laters we both went to the doctors and confirmed the pregnancy and I met my midwife, she took some measurements of the baby and the size of my stomach they also gave me my referral for my 12 week scan and blood test. Later that day I rang up and booked my scan. I'm really looking forward to see my little peanuts heart beating and see it's gorgeous little face.

Week 13- 27

Good morning diary🌷 I'm feel so good waking up in the morning now as I'm not having morning sickness and feeling Nausea.It's my 2nd trimester of pregnancy and I'm feeling great, I have joined a yoga class and I have been walking a lot just to keep my body healthy and happy. I also have been following the principals of a well rounded diet during my pregnancy so I don't feel drained and bloated all the time. I've been noticing that my clothes are becoming a bit snug and by the end of the day I'm battleing to keep my zippers done up. Today I'm going out with my friends for morning tea 🍰because I haven't seen my Besty in ages because my social life has just gone down the drain as I'm just wanting to stay at home all the time. I walked into the little cafe and I notice that my friends have bought me present flowers and there are balloons all over the place. They all run to me and say congratulations, there touching my belly and they start tearing up "Gosh I love my friends" I am determined to keep our friendship alive even though things are going to change a lot. By the end of the day I love💞 sitting down on the lounge watching tv and talking to my hubby about our little peanut, at the moment I'm thirteen weeks pregnant and the babies tooth buds are forming and the baby can open its hand and wriggle it's toes, features are formed, webbed fingers and toes are separated and the baby started weeing the fluid inside the sac And after that it swallows the wee and starts again. I also found out that the baby is kicking inside my stomach but I won't be able to feel it until 18 weeks. A few weeks went by and now I'm 18 weeks pregnant And the baby has doubled in size and weighs 280 grams. When I have spare time I just love to sit down and play some calm music and talk to our little peanut because my baby can hear my voice, the babies face begins to look more human and can see the babies individual fingerprints, the baby is putting on a bit of weight but still doesn't have much fat. It's very noticeable that I'm pregnant and a lot of people are commenting on my baby bump. Today is the day that I go fo my 19 week scan and I'm so excited and nervous at the same time because I just want to know if everything is ok like if the placenta is lying in my uterus the right way and if the baby is growing normally. I really want see the gender of our little one and only, before I go I have to remember to drink lots of water💧 so the scan of the baby will show correctly. My husband and I get to the doctors and they call my name to go in, I lay down and my heart was beating a million miles an while, they put the gel on my tommy and the sonogram wand. Then I see the outline of our little bubas head. The songrapher told us that she will take all the measurement and do all of her checks then she will show us the parts of the baby. Everything is all God with the babies health and the she tells us that we are having a ✨GIRL✨. My husband and I start to get teary and we both hug each other really tight. "💖Where having a little baby girl💖". We are so excited to start shopping for our little girl and get her nursery started🛍. Luke leaves in a few days to go on his military trip to Vietnam again and it's going to be really really hard for me to cope by myself as I'm pregnant and the hormones are effecting my emotions a lot. I live in Sydney and my most of my family live in Queensland so I don't have many people there to support me including Luke. I'm alomost 20 weeks pregnant today and I decided I'm going to do a little research to see how my baby girl is growing inside of me it said that the baby is 10 inches long from the head to heal so it the size of a small banana 🍌. I love feeling the baby moving and doing sumorsualts inside of my stomach. At 20 weeks the baby is mainly just growing stronger and bigger ,some of the key elements of their development going on as the nerves in the brain which controls the senses are still forming, eventually enabling them to smell,taste,see amd hear. This week is shopping week, it's time to start to get the babies nursery together . I have to get a Change table, cott,basement, rocker, Linen,decor And a baby monitor. I also need to get a car seat, BABY CLOTHES and a bugaboo pram, "soooooooooo exciting"😊. Today I'm off for my regular check up with my midwife "maz" and I will get to find out the babies development at 27 weeks. I have learnt some interesting fact about the baby, they are: the baby can swallow and have hiccups, it almost weighs 1 kilo, it is 35 centimetres, the baby is growing rapidly and your uterus needs to expand a little more everyday to fit it in, discomfort at 27 weeks, and common to have sore legs, indigestion and swollen feet. I have been thinking a lot about the changes that the baby is going to bring to our lives and our relationship between Luke and I, even though it's exciting and I wouldnt want to have it any other

Weeks 28 to the birth of baby !!

I'm getting so close to the end of my pregnancy, yayyyy. Today I'm going to my 28 week glucose test, they told me that that I have to fast before I go to my oppoitment so I haven't eaten since 12 o'clock last night. I go in for my blood test and when I come out I have to drink this DISGUSTING drink that taste so bad it makes me gag. Now I have to wait 2 hours for my next blood test. Tonight my mum is coming down from Queensland to help me pack my bags, wash the sheets and finish off the nursery as I'm going in to be due soon. My mum is very supportive, she calls me up everyday and she sends me gift in the mail all the time, i don't know what I would do without her. Me and my mum are going out for breaky this morning and then going to yoga, we sit down and I start telling my girlfriends the development of the baby, I said: the baby is practising breathing in and out, she can suck blink,kick,roll and gasp, the babies brain is changing from soft and smoothly rounded to having the familiar grooves and indentations on its head and she is is 2 pounds. At the end of the day I have swollen feet and when I lay down I have heart burn and I can feel the fluttering of the babies kick. I miss my husband sooooo much but I know that he will be back before I go in. My mum has been occupying me a lot like growing flowers and veges, making little thing with our sowing machine and watching lots of movies just to take my mind of Luke and the I'm 34 weeks pregnant and Luke's back so we are going for our final 34 week ultrasound to check the growth of the baby and give a rough estimate of the weight of the baby. The doctor said she is healthy, happy and ready to come out in a few weeks. "The nerves are kicking in", because this is my first baby I don't know what to expect and that's why I'm getting so anxious and worked up about it. Today is the baby shower day. I'm going to hold my baby shower at high tea. It's got beautiful gardens and delicious food- cakes and it's a nice place for all of us girls to catch up and celebrate. All of my friends arrive and they come in with loads of presents, flowers and baby gift bag. The venue is absolutely amazing and I wasn't expecting that at all. We all have a great time playing funny games, eating and just enjoying the relaxing time with my friends. Tomorrow I'm going to get my car seat put in my Land Rover and going to finish off stuff I need to get for the babies hospital bag. At the moment I'm 37 weeks and getting so close to the birth. The bay is packing on weight this week ,500 grams in fact, the baby protective layer of vernix is disappearing off the skin but it will still be some left of the baby when the babie is born, it swallowes anything it sheds and the baby can open its eyes, she is pink soft skin and the baby is turning it head to come out amd now the baby is 2.7 kilos.


A few day went by and I'm at the end of 37 weeks. I woke up at 4am to go to the toilet and as I was getting back in to bed I thought 'jeez' I peed my pants so I went back to the bathroom and then releazed that my waters have broken. Luke was back already so I woke him up with a fright to tell him that my waters have broken. He jumped out of bed so fast that my bags were already in his hand in no time. I rang maz my mid wife and she told me to come up to the birthy unit and she would meet me there. I had a shower and got changed into something comfy and made a tea and off we went. I got to the hospital and met maz and she checked me and the baby out, she checked the babies heart beat which was strong and perfact. She confirmed my waters had broken and as I wasn't having any contraction I could go home and rest until labour started. I woke up a few hours later having contractions and lower back pain. I woke mum up and told her that labour had started and hopefully we will have our peanut in a few hours. Mum and I then got busy packing the babies bag as I hadn't had a chance to do it yet. Another hour or so went by and then the pain hit me like a tone of bricks, I felt like I was dying. Luke was white as a ghost and mum was trying to calm me down. I rang maz and she said come straight in. The car ride was horrendous as I had to lay from the front to the back seat as I couldn't sit up straight. Luke was driving a million miles an hour sweating and hyper ventilating. I just felt like punching him in the head, I was the one in pain and all he had to do was drive. We got there and maz was waiting at the door and she took us straight in to the birthing unit. I hopped on the bed and felt like I was going to pass out because the pain was that bad. Maz did an internal and I was already 7 centimetres dilated. I couldn't lay down any more as it was so uncomfortable, so I decided to get up and walk around and have a go on the yoga ball. I was hoping this would help bring the baby down the birth canal quicker as I read that gravity is a great helper in labour. Luke was wiping my head with a cold face wash and giving me ice to suck on. The pain got so bad I cried out "I CAN't do this anymore" so maz suggested try the gas and air. This was amazing I felt like I was up in the clouds and it really helped ease the pain. She checked again and she told me I could start pushing as I was 10 centimetres dilated. I started pushing and it wasn't a dream anymore. Luke was looking nervous, worried amd excited all in one. He kept telling to push and that I could do this. Maz told me that she could see that head and to give one more push and the head would be out. I pushed with all my strength and she told me that the head was out. It felt like hours but it was only minutes and then with a few final pushes and screams our a baby girl was born into our world. Maz lifted her up and put her on my chest and she was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. All the pain dramatically disappeared and I thought to myself this is the best thing that has ever happened to us. Luke was crying tears of happiness and mum barged the door open and ran in to meet her little granddaughter. Luke cut the cord and we heard the best sound ever "her cry". She was taken away to get measured, weighed, dressed and wrapped. I got up and had a shower and got back into a clean bed. They brought our princess back into us and our family felt like it was complete. Welcome to the word 💖Ella rose Williams💖weighing 6 pound 2 ounces and 42 centimetres long. Absolutely perfect. We got to take her home the next day and it's just a miracle to have her in our lives, our life as a family has begun

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