Travel and The Present Subjunctive Chelsea Warner

Intro to our lesson:

During Miss Warner's lesson, we learned travel vocabulary and a new tense, the present subjunctive, in Spanish. She had some really awesome ways of helping us learn like letting us use her Smart Board, playing Bingo on our iPads, having us create Travel Plan booklets, and creating and recording our own dialogues that showed off our new language skills.

Our objectives:

1. A Spanish 2a student should be able to include one conjugation of the present subjunctive tense within a rehearsed 2-minute conversation with a partner with minimal error in the conjugation (i.e., error in subject-ending agreement, error only in ending, or error only in pronunciation of conjugation).

2. A Spanish 2a student should be able to collaborate with a partner to record and submit a rehearsed 2-minute conversation on DILL without error in the recording and submission process.

3. A Spanish 2a student should be able to collaborate with a partner to write a 2-minute dialogue to be recorded using the DILL program with minimal error in grammar usage (present subjunctive tense) and include 2-3 vocabulary words (travel-related).

4. A Spanish 2a student should be able to make travel plans for visiting a Spanish- speaking country within 2 class sessions when provided with a guide for information that should be considered while making plans, and the guide should be 100% completed.

What we did to meet her goals:

We went over notes as a class to help us learn the new tense and then we got to play with her Smart Board by connecting verb stems, endings, and subjects to create full conjugations

We created flashcards in StudyBlue and on Bingo Baker. We played Bingo with Bingo Baker in class, and it was AWESOME! I am so glad she doesn't make us write them by hand- same results, faster method, more play!

We made these amazing booklets about travel plans to a Spanish-speaking country. She gave us a budget that we had to stick to and an organizer, but we got to choose where we made plans to visit and what we did there then made booklets to show our fabulous plans.

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