On the seventh day of Christmas...

...we learned to try again

This Christmas, we're dishing out bite-size, top tips to remind us of the importance of play and realise just how many skills can be developed along the way.

Skill 6: Resilience

Top tip:

Make sure children know that it's OK to make mistakes or fail.

Help the children to adopt a growth mindset by making sure they understand failure is healthy and a part of growth.

Set high expectations for children

Your belief in them will in turn inspire belief in themselves.

Encourage positivity after failure

Explain to children that learning is a journey and that by making a mistake, they're one step closer to success!

Celebrate the journey to success

When a child achieves a goal or tries hard praise them for the effort they put in. To inspire resilience with future tasks let them know how their hard work paid off.

real play supports families to play and learn together. Not only does it allow families precious time to bond and share moments of pure fun and joy, it also provides them with the skills they need to be a healthy and active unit.

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