ME Javier gonzalez

My hero

The reason y messi is my hero. Is because he is my inspiration to play soccer. He also is really good at it and never gives up.

My career

When i am older i want to work as a police officer. the only way i can become one is if i go to college for 2 years and cop academy. So i am going to try my best in school so i can make good money.


My interest is playing soccer. I like to play soccer with friend my soccer team and family members. My favorite soccer team is FCB a.k.a barcelona. They are my favorite because they are good and my favorite player is in it.


One thing i am proud of is being alive. And i wouldnt be this far with out my parent's so i am also proud of them. i am also proud of my self for actully trying in shcool.

Favorite Food

My favorite food is tacos. My favorite kind of tacos are of asada. If you have never tried them well you should. They have been my favorite food ever since i was little.


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