Appreciation for the foreign workers Done by Sephia, Daisy, Day Ying and Korn


The construction workers have come from a far all around the world, leaving their families and countries in order to work for here. According to research, the demand for labour grew with increased Industrialisation after the separation of Malaya and Singapore. Immigration has again become the largest contributor to population increase in Singapore in the late 20th and early 21st century. The foreign workers had make up to 1/3 of Singapore's workforce and have been constantly working hard but are not being treated fairly. However, the net inflow of foreign workers has slowed significantly from nearly 80,000 in 2011 to less than 23,000 in 2015. Thus, we should show appreciation towards them. We aim to showcase their hard work and dedication to building a country that's not their own and raise public awareness and make the readers realise just how under appreciated the foreign workers are despite of their great contribution in building Singapore since the very start. With this, we hope to make Singapore a better place for construction workers.

Bright Hill MRT Station

Bright Hill MRT Station is a future underground Mass Rapid Transit station on the Thomson-East Coast Line in Bishan planning area, Singapore. The station has 4 entrances/exits and is scheduled for completion in 2020. This station serves the residential estate of Sin Ming.

We asked the guard of the construction site for their permission to take photos inside the construction site. Even though we were not allowed to navigate inside, he asked one of the workers to accompany us to the site to ensure our safety. After asking him some questions, we learnt that his shift is from 0800 to 1800 excluding the lunch break and has to work overtime if needed be. He also said that he enjoys working here.
This is one of the entrances/exits available for the MRT station. Most of the work in the construction sites are being done underground since they have to create space under the roads for the station itself.
Even with the tight schedule they have to follow, they are still able to enjoy the company of each other and work diligently.
The workers continue to do their job despite the bad weather. This shows that they are truly dedicated to finish the job given to them and follow the schedule.
The workers at work in the construction site. High-visibility clothing, is clothing worn by construction workers and emergency services due to its highly reflective properties. The vests in fluorescent orange and lime colour are worn by those that need greater visibility in areas of high traffic, dangerous weather conditions, and complex backgrounds.
This is another entrance/exit for the MRT station. Work is being done constantly and no one is taking their time off. The trucks are going in and out through out the day to get more supply for the construction underground.
This is the underground segment that they are working on. Since safety is the main priority, the workers have to follow strict safety rules like no using of mobile phones while working.
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Sephia, Daisy and Day Ying

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