Homework should not be given out By Jhohen Calderon

Homework may be stressful for many kids because they need to do other things for example like play sports, but they would need to take time out of their day to do the homework. Some kids may not get the homework so it would take longer for them and they would probably be more stressed.

In an article that is called Nea Today it said "Students don't have time to look at new things because they are too busy trying to keep up with homework. " This explains that kids may be doing a paper about something they learned in school already instead of learning something new. Some young students who are still developing don't even have time to play outside because of the amount of homework they are given.

What actually happens
What should happen.

Given these points you can see that homework has been an issue for many students in different ways. Homework can lower a student's grade if they do not complete it, and that might stress out the student and cause problems for their health. Teachers should give out less homework in order for a child to actually enjoy their childhood.

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