Digital Citizen Ella Chapman

Would you say it in real life??????

If no, don't post.

Are you showing off your perfect life????

Don't it's called bragging. It is not encouraged upon.

TMI!!!!!!! DO NOT share you new rash. Even the toilet says so.

Every detail..... we don't care.

In a relationship? You don't need to post every hug and sunset.

Stop begging for attention!!!!! Things never go well when you beg for attention.

Complaining gets annoying. Keep your mouth shut if it isn't useful.

Will your grandma want to see the picture? No? Then don't post it!!!!!!!!!

Do you really want EVERYONE seeing that pic? Check your privacy settings. There are creeps out there.

Post smart and spread love!!!!! Make someones day don't break someones slay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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