The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt Rakin Baten

Spatial Experience: The atmosphere surrounding the theatre was interesting. I didn't realize it until I arrived that people were dressed semi formal and I realized how long it had been since I had last gone to see a play. Our usher seated us in the very front which was thrilling yet the front has stigma that the audience in the front row has to interact with the performer (which was not the case in this scenario.) When the lights dimmed it was the cue for the audience to be quiet and turn off their phones and suddenly all the attention was on the factory owner. The role of place in the Good Life is that our environment is a great contributor to our mood.

The Social Experience: I attended the play with two friends and a mutual friend. I've never found play's or movies to be locations of social interaction since our attention is on the performance the whole time and we really shouldn't speak. However, intermission was a nice time for us to share thoughts and opinions of the play. To get ready for the play I looked up the setting and who Sarah Bernhardt is. I also read the play bill briefly. Shared experiences enhance the good life because they allow different perspectives to enter a collective thought.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The play was set in the industrial era and the cultural connection between the setting and our time period (in the United States at least) was somewhat difficult to visualize. I did find the few hints to makeup (as a disgusting product) or the dangers of an unregulated capitalistic society. However, the idea of sacrifice struck a chord with me as I'm the oldest and only male in a traditional Bangladeshi family. I can empathize with Talbot as he seeks to enjoy his life at the cost of his ability to support his family as I am in a similar situation yet no where near his struggle.

The Emotional Experience: It's interesting that the idea of katharsis is brought up in this activity because the play criticizes the bourgeois for watching social dramas and criticizing social issues yet doing nothing to help. However back to the point, in order to discuss social issues there must a medium for the issues to be presented and that medium has been art forms such as music, movies, and plays in this case.

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