Abertay Sport Walking Meetings Guide

Why Walk?

At work we tend to spend a lot of time at desk, working from a screen and generally not moving about enough. We also spend a lot of time in meetings sitting around a desk when we could be moving around. This can result in health issues, a lack of motivation and a lack creativity.

A short walk goes a long way. We should all aim to be active for 150 minutes (2½ hours) each week and walking at a moderate pace is ideal. And there are lots of benefits. Active people live longer and healthier lives. Being active can:

  1. Reduce the risk of heart disease by half
  2. Lower the risk of strokes
  3. Reduce the risk of some cancers, particularly colon and breast cancer
  4. Reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and can help to control diabetes
  5. Improve mood and reduces the risk of depression
  6. Manage weight and reduce blood pressure

Meetings do not always need to take place in a room. By taking a meeting outdoors the change in environment can prompt greater creativity and provide employees with a physical boost during the working day. A walking meeting can be a win, win!

How to hold a walking meeting

  • Firstly consider if your meeting is suitable in terms of the number of attendees and the topic for discussion. Any more than four participants might prove challenging to manage and be less productive or you may need to break into groups and give each group something different to talk about.
  • Make an agenda like any other meeting - otherwise your meeting will become a natter and unproductive
  • Consider the route you will take - a circular, relatively flat route which avoids heavily trafficked areas would be preferable. Dudhope Park is on our doorstep!
  • Let invitees know about the plans in advance so they are able to wear suitable footwear and bring waterproof clothing/umbrellas (if required). Provide the route in the meeting request.
  • During the meeting make sure that someone is able to take or record notes. Consider using your phone to record any action points, ideas or notes. Following the meeting, ask for feedback - did colleagues find it useful?
  • Celebrate the walk! let other teams know about it. Tweet about it! (@abertaysport)
  • Avoid making the walk a source of unneeded calories - don't stop off anywhere for a coffee and cake!

Some Safety Tips

  • Always have your phone on you
  • Follow the Green Cross Code at all times!
  • Let someone know when you should be back at Abertay. Let them know when you are back safely
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • If its dark wear something bright and colourful
  • If its raining – don’t stay in – get a brolly!
  • Keep hydrated - if you are exercising more you will need to drink more fluids
  • Don't walk and talk notes at the same time. Stop and take notes whilst having a breather
  • Prior to going on your walking meeting remember to create a risk assessment - advice is available on the Health & Wellbeing tile of MyAbertay

If you need some inspiration on where to walk, we’ve put together a series of short routes all leaving from Abertay:

  • An easy walk around the city centre – ideal for a short break. 1.165miles. View route on map
  • A walk to explore the V&A. 1.609 miles. View route on map
  • A longer walk past Hawkhill, Dundee University and back along the Perth Road. 2.498 miles. View route on map
  • A hilly walk around Dudhope Park. 1.530 miles View route on map
  • A short but (very) hilly walk up Constitution Road and down the Hilltown. 1.114 miles. View route on map
There are loads of inspiration spaces in Dundee to walk to.


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