Macbook Air By Summer BEll

Reviews, Videos, how long it'll last for will make me decide to buy it or not.

When spending my money I want to maximise my satisfaction. Economist use the word utility to describe satisfaction. Their theory is that whenever people spend money they will try to maximize their utility. I do this when buying durable goods by looking at their features and functions so that the goods I purchase best fit my needs.

I researched the product and watched verified macbook reviews and see if it was the right fit for me. I also looked at substitute products such as PC's, Windows laptops and macbook pros and other sizes to different screen sizes

Factors that have influenced my purchase of an Apple Airbook.

  • It's an Apple product
  • It's lighter
  • 12 hour battery Life
  • I'm comfortable with the modelling of the macbook
  • Its fashionable
  • It's fast
  • It saves all my stuff
  • media friendly
  • value for money
  • it has the functions that I need

Where would I buy my macbook air?

After some research I have found that they're several places that I can make a purchase They include Apple, JB-Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and E-bay. The one that I prefer is Apple Store as I know I've had good experiences with apple products and they make the product I can trust They have insurance plans, they have courses to help others out, Their staff are professional apple geniuses. I would buy it from Hornsby Westfield or Chatswood as its close to home and school.

How will I pay for my macbook?

I have a number of choices like a Credit card, cash or Debit card.

Credit card advantages : I can pay for it after a month so my cash is earning interest for me for longer. It's safer than cash than carrying cash, and its convenient, frequent flyer points.

Credit card Disadvantages: very high interest rates if I don't pay my card off in full each month. Risk of identity theft

Cash Advantages: Its accepted everywhere.

Cash Disadvantages: You have to carry a lot of it, you can easily get mugged, Takes along time to count.

Debit Cards Advantages: It just takes out of your bank account as soon as you make the purchase, no future Bills, its convenient.

Debit Cards Disadvantages: you can't buy anything if you don't have the money in your bank account, I will lose interest on the money I spend compared to using my credit card, no frequent flyer points.

Based on this I would feel more comfortable using a debit card because I don't have to carry cash or pay future bills

Repair Flowchart

Bibliography- commerce text book

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