Hello Gorgeous <3

Let me introduce myself!

My name is Amber, I am the girl behind the camera! With a passion for photography and the desire to help you fall in love with your body. My goal is to help you view yourself in a new light.

I feel that is important for you, to see my boudoir photos, how can I expect you to get in front of me and be comfortable if I cant do the same?! (this booty is my booty!) I know what it is like to be on the other side and to put yourself into these poses and feel vulnerable. Even I get nervous, I was a wreck before my session! It's totally normal be anxious! But after seeing the out come of the photos, it will always be the same response.. even from me!

I love glitter!!!

"I can not believe that's me!!!"

Why should you book a session?

Boudoir is more than a sexy gift to your significant other, boudoir is a gift for yourself!

As women, we tend to get so caught up in caring for others that we forget to take care of our self! We are more then a mother, a spouse, or a housekeeper. We are FABULOUS!

It's time to be pampered and play dress up! Take this time to relax and refresh, and fall in love with your body, you only get one ya know. I can not express enough why you need this TODAY!

Do not let the little things hold you back from booking your dream shoot! We all have things that we want to change. Maybe you hate your butt, or maybe you have a few extra pounds you wish you could get rid of. Just remember never will there come a day that we are completely satisfied with our bodies. THAT is why this is so important. The act of pushing through your fear will empower you. The reward at the end of you session is much greater when you take that fear and embrace it!

Finding you style and comfort zone.

There are many different levels of comfort. My goal is to make sure you are comfortable throughout your entire experience. There is a bathroom you can change in, and I will turn around if you need to adjust. Letting me know what you feel most comfortable with is very important for me so I can make sure to respect your wishes throughout. Keep in mind also that you may change how you feel during the session! If this happens, GREAT! Let me know and we can add in more saucy styling. (or the opposite we can tone things down just as easy!)


We can style your poses more suggestive and sultry. Or maybe a bit more conservative posting is more your style. There is always the option to mix it up and do a bit of both!

Comfort level:

A little skin- This would be very modest, such as a sweater or a more conservative piece of lingerie. This is usually pared with toned more down posing.

Partial skin- Showing a bit more then then "A little skin" this can mean a bra and panties set, sexy lingerie, such as a bodysuit (my fav <3).

Illusion of nudity and or topless- This would be using a sheet or select poses to show most of your body, while actually remaining covered. Full topless would allow you to fully or partially display your breasts.

All of this sounds scary I know! But there are so many options for you to choose from to be 100% comfortable and satisfied with your session.

What to expect?

Don't worry about a thing, I am here to pose you from the tips of your hair all the way down to the tips of your toes. With my guidance you will look your best in every pose. Don't worry girl I know how to work them angles! You are in good hands!

It is totally normal to be nervous before your shoot! That's why I like to put on some jams to help ease you out of your nerves a little, so we can get into our groove. There is a warm up period for both of us the first few poses will never be as good as the last few! I always make sure you are comfortable in your poses. Don't ever be afraid to speak up if you are unsure of something. I often get right down there with you and show you what you will be doing!

Photo courtesy of Amanda my FAB hair and make-up artist

Now the prep guide!

  • Get as much rest as possible the night before!
  • Exfoliate the night before.
  • I would recommend a nice hot bath, relax and toss in a bath bomb, do a face mask, go all in!
  • Try to stay hydrated as well as hydrating your skin for a nice glow.
  • Please do not arrive with chipped nail polish or fresh spray tan.
  • If possible don't apply deodorant or use clear.
  • Shave the day before in case of irritation. (But follow what works best for your skin!)
  • Practice your "sexy face" in the mirror- think exaggerated vowels and deep breathing! ( I know this sounds silly, but trust me!)
  • Try to avoid tight fitting clothing the day off, such as jeggings they can leave indentation on your skin when you take them off.
  • Make sure everything fits well and all visible tags are cut off.
  • Always bring more outfits and accessories then your think we will need!
  • Lastly Relax, it's totally normal to be nervous, but you are in good hands!

Also, if you would be more comfortable meeting face to face prior to your session, I would be more then happy to sit down for coffee with you. We can go over posing, wardrobe and any other questions you may have. I know how nerve raking this can be in the beginning. I want your experience to be nothing short of AMAZING through and through.

Products & Pricing

The session fee is $199 due at time of booking. What does the session fee include you might ask? The session fee includes professional hair and makeup to prepare you for your glamours photo shoot lasting 1-2 hours. Included in your session time you will have up to 3 outfit changes. You will also have access to my client wardrobe containing 30+ options with sizes ranging from xs-xxl. I will be giving you full posing guidance throughout your session as well! About a week after your session takes place we will set up your in person viewing and ordering session. (however same day viewing may be discussed with me as a possibility). This is when you will see all your images for the first time! During ordering you will have full control over what images you choose and how you want to display them. You will also have full support from me at any time during the pre-booking through the reveal session. I am more then happy to answer any questions or concerns that may arise!

*Digital images are not included with the session fee

I offer a beautiful array of prints and products, so you'll get to pick the perfect gift for your loved one or just for yourself! You cannot get these products from anyone else and are exclusive to my brand! I would love to get together and show you some of my samples, especially my most sought after product, the "Little Black Book" album!


Album and "peep show"
*Payment plans are available

Payment plans are available and recommended, when you have decided on your total purchase we will break it down into either a monthly or bi-weekly payment. (I am extremely flexible when it comes to in house payment plans! I understand that life happens. I will do whatever it takes to help you in being able to walk away with beautiful artwork!) All products will be ordered and delivered after the final payment is received. Or you can apply for paypal credit!

Thank you I look forward to our session together!

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Amber Grinnell

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