Changing for the better!

I have hope for the first time in a very long time! Change is hard especially after you have fallen! I could have decided to stay down and not try anything again. When I joined PrĂ¼vit I was not looking for another business. I was with a party plan where I had reached Director in that company and lost everything after our life fell apart over the summer.

I started as a customer I had no intention to join as a business! This is the first time I was a customer that loved a product so much I had to share! My mentor Mandy had been posting results and the success not only she was experiencing but many others as well. I had just had an appointment with my knee Doctor who said my BMI was too high and at my age there was no way they would operate. I need total knee replacements in both knees. I was just referred for Bariatric Surgery. It scares me to death! That is why once I saw a video on Ketones and Ketosis has changed my life. Please ask me for a link if you're interested in knowing more. What I can tell you is that in 30 days I have lost 19" just off my waist. I have gone from size 32 women's to 24 in most things. I was in 4x tops and am not in 2x ... It is crazy the success I am having on Keto! I've done this all with little exercise and not changing the way I eat. Fat Loss is so crazy! You totally feel like you're melting :) For the first time I feel like I can lose the weight without the surgery.

The other BENEFITS I am seeing are: I have increased energy, better focus , less brain fog. The BIGGIE for me is the reduction in PAIN!!!! I have a lot of arthritis in my joints and is progressively getting worse. What I can tell you is the days I take the Keto OS I literally have little to zero pain and the days I don't I can barely walk. I have better sleep...deeper restful sleep! It helps my mood and helps level me out.

The product is amazing on it's own....but the Business Opportunity is at a ground floor opportunity still. We are starting to be creating a stir and are growing so fast! The money you can make is crazy! I am helping people this month make an extra $1250 by end of February. They provide the tools for you to be successful right out of the gate! The support is so incredible! If you ever wanted to be at the beginning of something GREAT than we need to talk!

Progress pictures .... I have a long way to go!

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